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Monday, March 23, 2009

More Biggest Loser!

Okay, so my obsession this weekend (when I've actually been awake) is trying to find webpages or anything from previous BL contestants... anywhere they may disclose what life was really like on the Ranch (or campus... depending on what season they were).

I found Neill and Amanda - the white team from BL Families (he was the guy who was a wuss and who most people, including Jillian, couldn't stand).

According to their "FAQ" section weigh in day is a production! Here's what they say..

Weigh in day is the day we weight in, but it takes preparation to weigh in and be at your absolute lightest. First, we fast starting the night before (8pm typically) so we have no food or drink past 8pm. Then wake up as early as possible, use the bathroom to clear out all solids/fluids, I then go to the YMCA and workout for an hour (on an empty stomach and drink no additional water). After all that you get on the scale in underwear only to make sure clothes don’t skew the results.
The reason to weigh in in the morning is that you have burned through all the food in your stomach, again making sure food or water does not skew your weight results.

Note: when we say workout for an hour before weigh in is NOT for dehydration…dehydration is the worst thing you can do for weight loss. I do however, do it to lose a little bit more water before I hit the scale. We do not, and will not dehydrate, as that affects you later on down the road negatively.

Also, they have some different information about 'high calorie day'

High calorie day, HCD, or also known as “cheat day” or “splurge day”, is the one day a week that you take a little break from the super strict diet that you are on. You can have 1 meal that will up your calories. For example: if you take in 1800 calories per day, then on high calorie day you up it to 2400-2600.

Why you say? Because low calories throughout the week can cause your body to go into “starvation mode” because it is not getting as much food as it wants, or was used to. So it can start completely shutting down the weight loss and storing body fat, instead of burning it. Which is compounded by the fact that it then starts to attack the muscles for food. So you eating higher calories on HCD is your way of telling the body everything is okay and it can keep losing weight. Try it for a few weeks. See if you notice a change in how much weight you lose.

If you find any webpages/blogs, etc. from former contestants - please let me know!!

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Tara said...

Ok, first of all, sushi looks YUM!! It sounds like you had a very good weekend points wise and I didn't see any tempura pics!!
Second, I'm very intrigued by your low carb grocery purchases! The splenda packets look very interesting (have I mentioned I love caramel!). Hope you're not disappointed with the PB2!! Maybe with a bit more water it would be better?? I'm still interested to give it a shot! Especially since I usually put some SF jam onto my PB. Maybe that would help!
The biggest loser research is very interesting! Their diet is a lot more restricted then I thought so I guess maybe that extra 1000 calories would be needed? But that would be a lot of extra eating. I wonder if they do have some cheesecake!!!! I'll let you know if I uncover any more secrets. I'm gonna search it out now!!!