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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where’d the weekend go?

Oops, it’s been a few days since I blogged! Let’s recap.

Thursday: go to work, get a text… my friend is in labour 5 weeks early! Go to weigh in after work… down half a pound (during my bloated week, thank you!)… half a pound isn’t much, but it’s a start. Alex and I go get our subs for dinner…DSCN3794

The weekend is a bit of a blur and went by too fast for my liking.

I will go back to taking food pictures tomorrow!!!

Enjoy the week everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Debbie Downer

I’m going to spare you the details, but today was just a long day. I came home feeling a bit bummed and didn’t care to jog or eat.  I did force myself to eat something (because I don’t want to wake up hungry in the night).  Otherwise, it’s been a quiet evening on the couch catching up on Days of Our Lives.

The good news? Tomorrow is Thursday… which means subway for dinner!!

Here’s what I ate today…

Breakfast: 1/4c oats (1), 1/4c egg whites (0) 1tbsp pumpkin (0), 10 raisins (1)

Snack: 2c mixed fruit – mango, pineapple & strawberry (2)

Lunch: 1/2c Greek Liberte (1), 1/4c homemade granola (1), 1/2 banana (1)…. cucumbers (0), homemade hummus (1)

Snack: banana protein cake; 1/2 banana (1), 3tbsp egg whites (0), 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (2)

Dinner: same as snack except pumpkin instead of banana (2)

Yeah… I think I had plenty of protein today!!! 

The dishes are done, meals are packed… time to relax a bit longer before calling it an early night!

Before I go though… I jumped on the Ask Me Anything bandwagon!  Ask away! I’m known for being secretive sometimes… but I’ll answer questions!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One of those days!

Let me apologize in advance for no food photos today!

I couldn’t get to sleep last night. I have serious addiction issues where the Olympics are concerned. It’s interfering with my daily activities and I can’t sleep. A sure sign of a problem.

Slept in today, no jog.

On the drive to work heard about Jim Flaherty’s genius move regarding mortgages. I understand where he is coming from, but it frustrates me personally (Alex has since cheered me up… slightly).

Had to work 12.5hrs today

Dinner was veggies and chick peas. I forgot it was pancake Tuesday. I was dying for pancakes come dinner at my desk.

Got home and the elevators were all broken (with people trapped in one of them!).

Walked up 15 flights of stairs

At flight #5 the strap of my bag broke and I dropped everything out.

The good news? I stocked up on more Greek Liberte! I’m home now! I got a little cardio in thanks to walking up my stairs! Olympic hockey is on! Tomorrow is a new day! My bed is really comfy!

See you all back here tomorrow for a fantastic hump day!

For those interested… Today’s food….

Breakfast: 1/2c ff cottage cheese (2), 1/4c homemade granola (1)

Snack: 2 egg whites with Frank’s (0)

Lunch: leftover lasagna casserole (6), 2c mango/pineapple/strawberry fruit salad (2)

Snack: April's pumpkin protein cake – 3tbsp egg whites (0), 1tbsp pure pumpkin (0), 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (2) – mixed up and cooked in a mug in the microwave for 1min!

Dinner: bunch of mixed veggies (0) with 1/2c chick peas (2) and frank’s hot sauce (0), peanut butter Larabar (4)

Total: 19

Water: 3L

Nighty night!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Family Day!

Happy Family Day to all in Ontario!  I apologize to those of you who didn’t have a statutory holiday today.

I slept in again today (I am going to HATE my alarm tomorrow… after 4 days of sleeping in until 8 and 9am!).  I did some relaxing, some couch/TV time, some cleaning (I LOVE clean floors and a clean kitchen. These 2 things are difficult to accomplish when a. you live in a small apartment without much cupboard room and b. you have a dog and a bird – floors are NEVER clean).

I also managed a jog this evening!  It was the BEST jog I’ve had since Christmas. The first 20min were tough and I wanted to quit, but I pushed through and made it to 45min!

Here’s what I ate today

Breakfast: 1c mixed fruit – mango, pineapple and strawberry (1), 1/2c Greek yogurt (1), 1/4c. Kashi toasted berry cereal (1)


Lunch was leftover lasagna casserole, 1c beefed up with some extra tomatoes and mushrooms (7)

DSCN4811 DSCN4815

Snack was 3 baked weight watcher tortillas (3) and just a teeny a taste of hummus on 2 of the chips (0)

DSCN4823 DSCN4824

The next snack was going to be a berry smoothie.  I threw some mango, strawberry (2pts) and a whole ripe banana (2pts) into the blender with some water. It came out too thin. I threw in some guar gum and xanthan gum to thicken it. It suddenly became like ice cream. It was so. freaking. good. I drizzled about 1tsp of agave on it. I only ate half of it for snack (2)

DSCN4817 DSCN4822

After my jog I wasn’t hungry for dinner but knew I should eat something… so I added 1 full scoop of vanilla protein powder to the leftover berry ice cream and had it (4)!!

So, today’s total points = 19

Water = 3L – but I’m going to have a bit more.

I usually watch the Bachelor on Mondays (yes, I’m one of THOSE girls!) when I get home from my late evening at work… but the Olympics are definitely winning out tonight. Especially watching the speed skating rink drama now… Go Parrott!


Canada Flag

Valentine’s Food

A quick summary of Sunday’s Love food…

Breakfast was the same as yesterday:




Lunch was just 1/2c whole wheat pasta, diced tomatoes and 15g shredded light cheddar



Dinner was at Miller Tavern.  We were at a small table in the middle of the room… no pictures were being taken there!

We had an entire bottle of white wine between the 2 of us.  We had some little rolls and butter… then we shared the baked goat cheese appetizer (it came on a polenta cake). I got the pumpkin ravioli for dinner. I’d never had it and was curious. It didn’t disappoint!  For dessert I got the pumpkin/white chocolate brownie. Really good!

We came home to watch more Olympic coverage. I fear we may be addicted… I’m staying up so late I’m losing sleep over them!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day of LOVE

I want to tell you ALL to have a Happy Valentine’s Day! I feel very fortunate that I grew up in a house where Valentine’s Day was not just about having a partner or being IN love. In our house it was about celebrating all love… friends, family, pets… everyone! I don’t have any brothers. My dad was the only boy in our house! On Valentine’s day we would wake up and my dad would have bought all of his girls a Valentine’s treat and we usually got a card from both of our parents. My mom always decorated (still does) and it was just such a happy day! It’s also extra special in our house because on that day, in 1975, my parents (who were still in University & College) went out to dinner and my dad PROPOSED to my mom! They were only 19 and 21 years old, but they had already been together for for SIX years (yes, my parents are high school sweethearts and are still together!)

Even for all of the MANY years I was single on Valentine’s Day, I was never bitter. I never hated it or thought of it as a Hallmark holiday. I credit my upbringing for that!

Then, along came the love of my life.  Now Valentine’s Day is about all love… including celebrating being IN love.  While I believe in being grateful for love every day, it’s nice to have 1 day set aside especially for it (I think)!

Here we are… 7 years ago on our first Valentine’s date. We had been dating for just shy of 3 months. My roommate knew about him but I hadn’t even told my family about him at that point. I had a feeling he was ‘the’ one… but I wanted to make sure he was worthy of meeting my wonderful family!


Here we are a few months ago…

To my wonderful boyfriend…

(his favourite Valentine’s card ever)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I wish you all a day full of LOVE!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yummy Saturday

Post #2 of the day. Go me!

I’m pretty happy with how today has gone. I managed a short jog (tomorrow will be longer) and some healthy food.

Let’s start with the food I’ve eaten…

Breakfast: banana oatmeal pancake with 1/3c oats (2), 2 egg whites (0), 1/2 banana (1), cinnamon (0)… after it was cooked I topped it up with some breakfast icing made of 1/4c Greek Liberte (0), 1/2 banana (1), 1tsp almond butter (1) and some cinnamon (0).  SOOOO GOOD. Check it out (I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it):

DSCN4749 DSCN4752 DSCN4754

That may just be my Valentine’s breakfast tomorrow!

Lunch: flatout wrap (1), 2tbsp homemade hummus (0), 30g light cheddar (2), cucumbers, mushrooms, hummus, mustard (0)

DSCN4776 DSCN4778

Followed by 1/2 peanut butter Larabar (2)


Not sure what’s for dinner. We’re hitting up the food court before we go see a movie (I talked Alex into seeing a chick flick)!!


So… today I ventured into the kitchen to make some hummus.  I decided I wanted to try roasting garlic to go in it. I’ve never eaten roasted garlic before… let alone made it.  BUT, I figured since I do enjoy garlic I’d give it a try (and I had garlic to use up!).

I took a garlic bud, cut off the top, put it in tinfoil, added a teeny bit of EVOO and sea salt and pepper. I wrapped it up and put it in the oven for 35min at 400F

Here’s what it looked like when it came out:


I started out trying to use a fork and knife to get the cloves out… but quickly realized it was much easier to just use my fingers (once it had cooled some). They were soft and mushy but tasted SO GOOD! The little hint of sea salt was perfect!

DSCN4765 DSCN4766

So, then on to making the hummus… took a tin of chick peas, the roasted garlic and some Frank’s and put it in the food processor



Then… taking from Tara’s idea long ago… I added an extra kick


You see… I didn’t just add some hot peppers… I also used some of the juice from the jar in the hummus… instead of any EVOO!! It’s so freaking good!  Really, the only points in the whole thing are the chick peas!

I hereby present the spicy roasted garlic hummus!


I actually had it in my wrap for lunch… so good! All of today’s food has been really good!

Oh… I should add my BLT’s for today though. I ate a few leftover strawberry meringues and literally one bite of the lasagna casserole… so I’m saying it’s only 1pt.

Total before dinner: 11

Water consumed so far: 2.5L

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Fabulous Friday

This post is coming to you a day late… I was too caught up in the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!

Yesterday was a planned day off of exercise. My day involved enjoying some episodes of The Cosby Show, The Golden Girls… and a whole lot of coverage of the final stretch of the Olympic Torch Relay.

Oh… and we must not forget Melanie and Phillip’s wedding on Days Of Our Lives! How long do we give that marriage? Is Vivian going to manage to poison Melanie? I know she’s still on the show (so she survives whatever Viv throws at her)… and when will Sami finally get Sydney back? What EXACTLY are EJ’s motives? Okay… I will move on.

What did I eat yesterday? I am happy to report I was GOOD! Well… for the most part! BUT, no bingeing and total honesty = satisfaction.

Breakfast: 2pc Weight Watcher toast (1), 2 egg whites (0) with some Frank’s (0), 30g light cheddar (2), blue menu ketchup (0)… followed by a whole banana not pictured (2)DSCN4726

Lunch: 1/2c quinoa(2), salsa(0), 30g light cheddar(2)DSCN4742 DSCN4743

Dinner: 1c lasagna casserole thingy that I made once by accident and has turned into one of Alex’s favourites… and comfort food for us (7) – but the photos are from this morning. Not last night while it was still hot with gooey cheese.

DSCN4756 DSCN4759

After dinner I did indulge in a lemon cupcake I had saved for Alex and I (6)… and then Alex had brought over a ‘healthier’ snack for during the Opening Ceremonies – KERNELS POPCORN! We gobbled up a bunch of it and I’m going to guess I had 6pts worth!

Daily total: 28 – could be worse!

Water: 3.5L

Did I mention the surprise I got at work on Thursday? This showed up at my office:

DSCN4727 DSCN4728

How sweet is my boyfriend? I’m a pretty lucky girl, I must say. They’re for Valentine’s day but he wanted me to enjoy them the whole weekend (and wanted to TOTALLY surprise me at work). They’re so beautiful

DSCN4729 DSCN4738

I love pink roses. They are my absolute favourite. For some reason they make me think of my Grandma Pearl… and, while typing this… I figured out why. The last time she redid her bedroom at the farm she got new bedding that was white with pink roses and green vines on it. BINGO.

Happy Saturday!


Canada Flag

Friday, February 12, 2010

Go Canada Go!!

Canada Flag I find myself very excited that the Olympics start tonight!  We grew up watching Olympics… winter games especially.  I have your “typical” Canadian family (and father!) who adores hockey. The winter Olympics were all about figure skating (Kurt Browning fan forever!) and hockey. 

The fact that the Olympics are back on Canadian soil makes it so much more exciting. I feel such a sense of patriotic pride!

It began when the torch came through Toronto and ran right past my corner!DSCN4099Then everything got busy with Christmas…DSCN4399BUT, the time has come. I’m ready for the Olympics!!


Back to what this blog is all about… my weight.  I feel like I could compete in the Olympics in the weight gaining competition and come out with a gold medal.  Can you see where I’m going with this? I was up 0.8lbs last night.

Time to buckle down and stop my ‘closet binging’ on weekends. Yep… I’ve still been doing it. I could blame stress, but I’m not going to. It’s just my poor decisions and idle hands.  I know exactly when I tend to do it and it stops now (actually it stopped last night).  I vow to do everything I can to have a great loss this upcoming week…. and many weeks to follow.  I’m thinking I should stay for a meeting this week.

Today is going to involve a treadmill jog, grocery shopping, making lasagna casserole… and of course watching the opening ceremonies!


Canada Flag