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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Well, well, well…

UP 0.6lbs today.  Saw it coming. Scale wasn’t happy with me this morning. I felt bloated all day.

I resolve to get back to more activity this week. That must be what I’m lacking. My food has been mighty stellar if I do say so myself.  Also… I’ve ENJOYED eating healthy. 

Onward and upward… or… downward where the scale’s concerned.

This upcoming week (starting Saturday) will focus on some form of both morning and evening exercise… starting out with (probably) just 30min sessions.

Tonight has included my old faithful:


I went to a new Weight Watchers location tonight. I think I’ll try it again next week. It sucks not to see my old leader… but I never stayed for meetings anymore anyway. We’ll see where I end up!  The location I went to tonight is in a loblaws. When I was finished with weigh in I wandered around the store. I was CRAVING their potato wedges. Of course, I had zero intention of buying any… but while I was drooling over them at the ‘food to go’ counter I noticed sweet potato fries!  I asked about them – turns out they are BAKED without any oil added!  I went ahead and bought a small container. I ate about 3 of them.. of course, they weren’t crispy or anything, but still good. When I came home I baked them in the oven on low for a while to try to crisp them up a little. I have since set them in a container to take for lunch at work tomorrow!

The good news is that I had no nightmares last night! I’ve learned my lesson again for a while. No eating right before bed. Nightmares about people trying to kill me are not fun.

My Facebook status tonight says “Jen is so excited that when she looks into the future it’s so bright she burns her eyes”.  It’s true. I’m very happy with the plans I have for myself… but mostly for the plans Alex and I have together for both the near and distant future.  Lately, when I am feeling stressed about different things going on in my life (things out of my control), I find I just try to think about that future with him (and my family… and his family) and it makes me smile.  When I think about our future I think about us being old and retired… sitting on a front porch or back patio and watching the sun set… feeling totally content.  I think about the routine we will develop together in retirement… waking up to some sort of cereal with loads of fibre (because that’s what old people do!), watching the local morning show on the news, taking our dog(s) for walks, gardening, cooking… I see it in my mind and it’s beautiful.

Can you picture us being old and grey together? I wonder if I’ll look like my grandma when I get older… have beautiful white, short hair that I have to curl and style… my Grandma Pearl had beautiful white hair.DSCN3799

What do you think about in your future that makes you smile?

1 comment:

Life, Health & Fitness said...

Don't worry about that little gain, it will be gone in no time!

Those sweet potatos fries sound yummy, wish they offered them at our Superstore...we don't even have sushi at ours.

Cute pic of you + hubby, enjoy growing old together. :)