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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Smoke Detector – friend or foe?

Don’t get me wrong. I  know smoke detectors are our friends.  Not many people are more aware of it than I am after the 2 alarm fire we had in my building a few weeks ago. Luckily, the fire was on the 3rd floor and I live more than 10 floors higher.  Aside from standing outside in the cold and rain for just shy of 3 hours… I was no worse for wear. Smoke detectors are saviours, I know this.

That being said… mine was a pain in my butt last night.  Do you recall the episode of FRIENDS where Phoebe’s smoke detector goes off all night?


This was sort of me last night. Got up at 3am for a washroom break… heard a beep. Realized pretty quickly it was my smoke detector with low batteries. Rather than change it right then, I decided I would go back to sleep at 3am and change the battery in the morning.  Every time I’d go to sleep I’d have a dream that somehow someone else had changed my smoke detector battery for me… then I’d hear the very loud beep of the detector and would get woken up. Finally after a couple of hours of repeatedly being woken up I got up, turned on the lights, found a battery, grabbed a dining room chair, dragged it over and changed the batter.  Hallelujah! Silence followed. Sweet dreams.

The damage was done. I managed to get up at 6am but my head was pounding so hard… when I tried to jog I felt sick.  I gave up!

This evening I was extremely tired and relaxed (last night was busy after all!).

Here’s what I ate

Breakfast: made a smoothie with 1c almond breeze, spinach, mango, amazing grass berry… and then to try to be super healthy I threw in wheat grass. Never. Again. It ruined it and when I got to work I ended up throwing out 3/4 of it.


Snack (breakfast #2): 1/2c ff cottage cheese (2), 1/2banana (1), 1/2c granola (2)

DSCN4716 DSCN4717

Lunch: 1/2c quinoa (2), spinach (0), tuna salad with mustard & hot peppers (1)… here’s a picture of the tuna. I LOVE IT!


followed by some fruit salad (1)… which I only ate half of


Afternoon snack: protein cookie dough with 1/2 scoop vanilla protein (1), 1tsp almond butter (1), water (0)


Dinner:… I was LAZY. cereal and almond breeze and no photos (6), 1/2c chapman’s fro yo (2)

Total: 19

Water: 2L – oops!

Also enjoyed some of my strawberry green tea from Tara!


Wish me luck at weigh in tomorrow. I will admit. I weigh myself every day. Some days it goes up (i.e. weekends and Monday) and some days it goes down (as we approach Thursdays).  I was rather disappointed this morning that despite my efforts yesterday the scale didn’t move.  Hopefully it moves tomorrow night!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

awe, I'm sorry you didn't get a good sleep.
I once tried to add a one ounce shot of wheatgrass to a 24 ounce smoothie, and it completely ruined my drink too. so sad :(