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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another week, another cake!

Well, there's the cake I made this week. It's all edible. The flowers are royal icing... basically just icing sugar and water and meringue powder. No real taste to them and they are hard... but you could eat them if you wanted to!

I have been exhausted this week (and last). I don't think I have any excuse except that laziness has a snowball effect and it's hard to break that snowball! I was tired when I came home last night and basically went straight to bed. Today I woke up with yet another headache and decided the only way to get rid of this week-long headache was to call in SICK to work! yay me! i think i'm finally over feeling really guilty calling in... because i sure didn't today. I rested and went for a MASSAGE... it was the most perfect massage ever. The lady told me I carry tension in my jaw and back of my head/top of my neck... that was something my 2 other MT's I've been to never noticed. It all makes sense... when I get a headache I feel like I have to relax or stretch my jaw or something.. voila! now i know why! I got home from my massage and chose to just relax and nap on and off (as well as do dishes and clean the bathroom and wash the floors... it sounds like more work than it is. when you live in an apt the size of a closet, cleaning doesn't take much work).

I'll be going to WI this week but expect I'll be up. damn sam. I have to get my momentum back. every day is so busy it seems... but that's no excuse. it's going to be this way well into the fall at this point. i have to adjust and find the energy and time to exercise.

here's what I ate today:
- egg (2), oatmeal (2)
Lunch - salad with allegro cheese (1), 1 tin tuna (2), veggies (0), hot pepper rings (0), 3 tbsp ff italian (0), 1/2c unsweetened applesauce (1), yogurt (1)
Snack - banana (2)
Dinner - broccoli (0), 11 europe's best baby potatoes (2), chicken breast (3) in EVOO (2)
Snack - 1.5 whole cups multigrain LIFE cereal (4), 1c skim milk (2)

Good luck tomorrow!!! I think my upcoming weekend will help me focus for next week.. I'm staying around the city and working at SickKids Sunday evening (that usually helps me NOT pig out on the weekend... being around eating disorder patients!)

Monday, May 26, 2008

"Starting Over, Yet Again"

Okay, that is my sex and the city reference as we count down to the movie opening on FRIDAY (although I am not going to see it until Tuesday).

So, here I am again. I took a week off. My long weekend was out of control and while I tried to salvage the week once back on Tuesday... it was too late.

So, let us move on to THIS week! I will recap thus far (ps - didn't go to WI on Thurs either!).

Friday - had every intention of going on treadmill in am. slept in. no treadmill. went to work, came home... WENT ON TREADMILL before alex and i went to dinner! had chicken fajitas for dinner... stayed healthy! yay!
Saturday - food was good... stayed in my points... spent the day washing cars for kristen's car wash fundraiser. burned calories. yay me. (and yay the $600 kristen raised for her ride to conquer cancer!).
Sunday - where to begin? Sat around visiting with Simon and grandma and poppa jim... and the rest of the family. lunch involved thin crust pizza and salad... chased down by pie and ice cream. dinner involved veggie weiners and CHIP TRUCK FRIES! i have a love/hate relationship with the cango chip truck at this point!!
Monday - stepped on the scale and am the same weight i was friday. Didn't gain weight on the weekend? I'll take it after Sunday's food performance! I dragged my butt onto the treadmill and then went to work.

Food for today:
Breakfast - oatmeal (2), yogurt (1)
Lunch - flatout wrap (1), whole tin of tuna (2), ff miracle whip 2 tbsp (1), ff cottage cheese and fruit cup (2), apple (1)
PM snack - 100 cal popcorn (1), 100cal oreo (2)
Dinner - salad with cheese (2), black beans (3), ff italian (1), tomatoes and cucumber and lettuce (0), fruit salad with strawberries, red grapes, blackberries (2), yogurt (1)

There you have it! It's great to be back at the swing of things... and plan to keep my momentum now until the fall!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well, good luck to everyone who is weighing in today. Jury is still out on if I will go. I should go. The scale has me up 1.8lbs from last Thursday morning though. Geez. We'll see what it says when I get home. Blah.

Tara - read some of that blog! Makes sense to me. I have to find that happy medium between not consuming enough calories 1 day and eating a gizillion too many another day. I'm doing what was working back after Christmas when I found my groove. I think that's the frustrating part... I'm doing what worked before, but it's not working yet.

Oh well, time to leave this place for the day and head home to do dishes, then go weigh in... then get at those cupcakes!!!!

I'll be back with the results (if I go!)

I'm back. I was down 0.4lbs... at least it's a move in the right direction this week. on to next week though!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hump Day of R&R

Okay, well it wasn't TOTAL R&R... but I didn't go on the treadmill OR do my biggest loser workout. I'm taking today and tomorrow OFF. I love Wednesdays... I stopped by alex's office after work for a bit to have some comfort time with him... then had to run an errand at fairview... and was home by 7:30! It feels so great to just spend the rest of the evening on the couch. I have dishes in the sink but have decided they can wait until tomorrow morning.

We had my supervisor's 50th birthday party at work today. I think I actually deserve a pat on the back for the restraint I showed.

Here's what today's food looked like:
Breakfast - egg (2), oatmeal (2)
Lunch - piece of vegetarian lasagna that was made from polenta and egg plant and was so small i basically had it gone in literally 4 bites (? say 3pts?), celery sticks (0), carrots (0), peppers (0), devilled eggs that I made (2), 1/4 pita (2?), french onion dip that was 30 calories for 1 tbsp - i'm lucky if i had that much (1)
and that's all at lunch! I avoided any desserts - which included danishes and chocolate cake!
Dinner - ww bread (1), chicken breast (3), old cheddar (2), 100 calorie pack (2)

I'm off to watch my trash tv (tonight it's the real world: california) and then call it a night and enjoy sleeping in tomorrow since i'm not going on the treadmill!

Good luck tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath despite my efforts. On to next week already!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The name of the game = Frustration!

I'll be back to add more later, I only have 2 minutes (literally) until my 10am appt... but I just needed to vent. The scale still is not moving (unless you could 0.2lbs UP). How much freakin' time do I need to give it before I see movement?? This is very frustating. The good news is I still got on the treadmill... because I know eventually the scale WILL move... and this will help it. I just don't know how long it's going to take! Maybe I shouldn't have had the 2 spoonfuls of cream cheese frosting at 1am again. I never used to eat in the middle of the night... I don't know why i'm forming that habit. But seriously... can eating frosting in the middle of the night keep the scale from moving that much when the rest of my food is good and my activity is good? I guess there's only one way to tell... cut out the midnight frosting!!!

Okay, I'm now 1min late for my appt. Better scoot!

I'm back! I was at work all day and then cake class until 8:30 then out to Sobey's to get a dozen eggs to make devilled eggs for my supervisor's 50th birthday party tomorrow ath work. Tomorrow night will be making cupcakes for a wedding saturday, then Thursday after WI will be making MORE cupcakes... and Friday I'm leaving work early to hopefully get the cupcakes done. Saturday morning will be making doing final touches on them and then delivering them to Ajax on Saturday... then back here and get my stuff together and head to Pontypool (likely) since Steph and I are taking our mom's to see "Made of Honour" on Sunday. Steph was taking her mom and asked if my mom and I wanted to go... life is busy, but it's something that I think would be special for both of our moms... so I will definitely make time for that! I think I'll come back here Sunday night so I can have Monday here to myself and RELAX maybe??

So, the bottom line is - here is what I inhaled today:
Breakfast - hard boiled egg (2), oatmeal (2)
Lunch - salad with chicken breast (2), old cheddar (2), cucumbers and tomato (0), ff italian 2 tbsp (0), pineapple (1), strawberries (1), cottage cheese and fruit cup (2)
Snack - salt and vinegar cucumbers (0), fibre 1 bar (2)
Dinner - ww bagel (2), morningstar mushroom burger (2), ff swiss cheese slice (1), yogurt (1), grapes (1), 100 calorie cheese nips (2)

Happy HUMP day!

Thanks for the words of wisdom Tara! Maybe I'll try NOT going on the treadmill Wed night and Thurs morning (ahhh, a morning to sleep in? how nice!). Especially since I have gotten 5 days in a row already of exercise (Friday til today).

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend recap: The good, the bad and the ugly

The weekend is over... the weekly countdown to weigh in begins.

Let's recap, shall we?
The bad - Chinese food for mother's day
The UGLY - the cream cheese frosting in my fridge. Yup, I ate a couple of spoonfuls in the middle of the night
The good - Saturday's 20K bike ride with Kristen and Sunday's 30K bike ride with Kristen... then my biggest loser workout today AND the treadmill today.

I have NO idea how any of that will help me with WI... because even though I did all that crazy biking on the weekend... the scale still had me up today. I swear, my body does NOT want to lose weight (and NO, i'm not pregnant!)

Here's what I ate today (it's less than it should be because i'm accounting for the cream cheese frosting incident that happened sometime between 1-2am)
BF - egg (2), canteloupe (1)
Lunch - smart ones baked ziti (6)
snack - dill pickles (0)
Dinner - 1c ww pasta (3), 2oz chicken breast (2), 1/2c cottage cheese (2), yogurt (1), strawberries and pineapple (1)

I'll keep up my efforts and just hope I see a decline on the scale this week... although this is my bloated week so I'm not holding my breath. I will, however, keep up my efforts... because it does feel damn good to be feeling in control again!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

it's about that day again...HATE IT!

Good luck to Tara and me!

Also, I forgot to add last night... I watched X-weighted on Slice network. It's a new season started and last night's show was AWESOME. The lady, Debbie, was so inspirational and such a hard worker. I looked up when the show will be on again and encourage everyone to watch her episode... it will definitely motivate you! Her episode is on slice again Saturday at 11am or Sunday at 7pm - try to catch it if you can!

I did manage to get on the treadmill for 30min this morning (even after I slept in)... so, I jogged 5 days this week and did BL workout twice. I would love to find time to do the BL workout 5 days as well... but when I only have 1 evening a week I'm home... it's hard to find time to do 2 workouts in the same day. After cake class is over in July maybe I'll have time (last chance month before weddings!)

I'll be back again with my update later. The scale does not show me down at all (shows me the same) as last week... which is frustrating... but it'll show up next week... as long as I can behave at all the mother's day stuff!

Update - I was up 0.4lbs. What is up with that? The anger is mostly gone... my theory (albeit possibly far fetched... but helping me keep my motivation and sanity at the moment) is that last week i got my eating on track a bit more... this week was the exercise... next week they'll both be back and it will all catch up and i'll be down. something's gotta give here!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ahhh, regularity

There was a slight incident involving several fibre 1 bars today... at least if nothing else, I will be regular!

I didn't get on the treadmill this morning... I wasn't feeling the greatest. HOWEVER I did manage to get on it for 65min tonight!!! go me!!! I sweated (yes, it's a word) like a pig in a blanket! It felt great! (the shower a few minutes ago felt even better).

I think Tara was totally right (if you read her comment on yesterday's post). I didn't eat enough. That happens sometimes when I pack my lunch AND dinner... I just don't have room to pack enough or don't plan well enough. I ended up waking up hungry at 1am and ate 2 spoons of buttercream icing (likely the cause of me not feeling well this morning). That happened on the weekend too... waking up in the middle of the night. This is a new pattern developing that I will squash immediately - you are all my witness.

here's what today's interesting intake looked like:
Breakfast - egg (2), fibre 1 bar (2)
AM snack - fibre 1 bar (2)
Lunch - cucumbers (0), salad with cheese and tuna (2), fruit salad (2), fibre 1 bar (2)
Afternoon snack - fibre 1 bar - yes, I grabbed a bunch of them this morning on my way out the door with the intention of leaving them in my desk. i ate them all (2)
Snack at home - fibre 1 bar (2) - this was due to a chocolate craving. it was either a fibre 1 bar or dive into a bag of chipits
Dinner - toast (1), cream cheese (1), cheese slice (1), fibre 1 bar (2)
*then I found out my grandma has dementia... enter 2 more fibre 1 bars (4)*

Anyway, I'm trying to look at the bright side of things... so grandma has dementia... it isn't like we found out she has brain cancer or anything... it doesn't change who she is... it just explains her disorientation at times... and also, I don't think it can be anything too severe... she's still doing well for an 80yr old in my opinion (but i'm refusing to look at the glass as anything but half full right now!).

Good luck tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

That darn scale

It just won't budge (except moving UP some)!! I have worked hard the last couple of weeks (albeit some indulgences here and there... but nothing I haven't done before!)... and the scale isn't showing it yet. I will just hang in there... it will catch up with me at some ponit.

Today I managed to get on the treadmill for 45min before work! yay! Tonight was cake class... and now I'm tired!

here's what I ate:
Breakfast - egg (2) - i forgot to come back and have my oatmeal after my shower! oops!
Lunch - salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red onion, red and yellow pepper, hot pepper, cheese (1), baked tofu (1), 2 tbsp ff italian (0), fruit salad (2), salt and vinegar cucumbers (0)
Dinner - bagel (2), morningstar farms mushroom burger (2), ff cheese slice (1), dill pickles (0), yogurt (1), carrots and hummus (1)
Snack after cake class - 2 pc ww bread (1), cream cheese (1), ff cheese slice (1), licking icing off the spoon - (? 3 at the most!)

Happy hump day!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Short one tonight!

It's BEDTIME (so I can get up and go on the treadmill!).

Today I managed to do my biggest loser cardio workout AND go on the treadmill before work. Since I had been up since 6am and working 12hrs yesterday... I had gone to bed at 10pm and was wide awake at 7am today... so I got a lot done before work (yay!).

Here's what I ate:
Breakfast - oatmeal (2), yogurt (1)
Lunch - bagel (2), 2 slices turkey bacon (2), cheese slice (1), hard boiled egg (2), fibre 1 bar (2)
PM snack - salt and vinegar cucumbers (0)
Dinner - AWESOME salad with romaine (0), cucumber (0), tomato (0), orange and yellow peppers (0), red onion (0), hot peppers (0), cheese (1), baked tofu (1), ff italian 2 tbsp (0), fruit salad with pineapple, strawberries, black grapes and blackberries (2), ff cottage cheese and fruit cup (2)

Happy Tuesday... sleep well! I start my cake course #2 tomorrow... luckily I won't have to bake a cake until the final class (in 4 weeks).

Saturday, May 03, 2008

My ONE day off...

I thought I'd post that photo for motivation... My once realistic goal of reaching goal weight by the summer is becoming a distant dream at this point... I've lost over a month with my lack of motivation since Easter. While I feel back on track... I've got a LOT of hard work ahead of me... combined with a summer full of wedding/friends/family events (with eating and drinking)... it is going to take a LOT of self discipline to look the way I'd like in these dresses this fall. I'm not giving up though... at the very least I'll reach goal by the time I turn the DREADED 30yrs old!!

Today consisted of getting up, going grocery shopping, coming home and napping, going to the mall and exchanging a book for another book... I ended up coming home with the Eat Clean recipes (here's hoping I make some of them), snacking the day away, eating dinner... then going on the treadmill for an entire hour (while watching the movie 27 dresses!) It felt great!

I have eaten so much today... Here's how it's looking:
BF - fibre 1 bar (2), pineapple (1), strawberries (1)
Lunch - leftover chicken fajitas from dinner at Montana's last night (7)
Snacking on 100 calorie packs all afternoon: (10)
Dinner - bagel with cream cheese (3)
Snack - ricecrips (6)

Tomorrow I'm working a 12hr day on 7A (at SickKids). I've packed my lunch and dinner... and I've already made my detox drink for the morning. I bought that greens+ daily detox. It's disgusting... but I spent $65 to try it, so I will eat every last bit of that powder!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back to Basics

Back to my good old 'good luck' posts!

Good luck to Tara and me!!

The results: I was up 0.4lbs. Blah. Next week will be better.