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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hump Day of R&R

Okay, well it wasn't TOTAL R&R... but I didn't go on the treadmill OR do my biggest loser workout. I'm taking today and tomorrow OFF. I love Wednesdays... I stopped by alex's office after work for a bit to have some comfort time with him... then had to run an errand at fairview... and was home by 7:30! It feels so great to just spend the rest of the evening on the couch. I have dishes in the sink but have decided they can wait until tomorrow morning.

We had my supervisor's 50th birthday party at work today. I think I actually deserve a pat on the back for the restraint I showed.

Here's what today's food looked like:
Breakfast - egg (2), oatmeal (2)
Lunch - piece of vegetarian lasagna that was made from polenta and egg plant and was so small i basically had it gone in literally 4 bites (? say 3pts?), celery sticks (0), carrots (0), peppers (0), devilled eggs that I made (2), 1/4 pita (2?), french onion dip that was 30 calories for 1 tbsp - i'm lucky if i had that much (1)
and that's all at lunch! I avoided any desserts - which included danishes and chocolate cake!
Dinner - ww bread (1), chicken breast (3), old cheddar (2), 100 calorie pack (2)

I'm off to watch my trash tv (tonight it's the real world: california) and then call it a night and enjoy sleeping in tomorrow since i'm not going on the treadmill!

Good luck tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath despite my efforts. On to next week already!

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Tara said...

a blog I read a lot - today reminds me of you. Just see what you think. I know not everyone's the same. I'm just sayin'....
Check out the latest entry "Still learning" and let me know what you think!
Love ya!