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Saturday, May 03, 2008

My ONE day off...

I thought I'd post that photo for motivation... My once realistic goal of reaching goal weight by the summer is becoming a distant dream at this point... I've lost over a month with my lack of motivation since Easter. While I feel back on track... I've got a LOT of hard work ahead of me... combined with a summer full of wedding/friends/family events (with eating and drinking)... it is going to take a LOT of self discipline to look the way I'd like in these dresses this fall. I'm not giving up though... at the very least I'll reach goal by the time I turn the DREADED 30yrs old!!

Today consisted of getting up, going grocery shopping, coming home and napping, going to the mall and exchanging a book for another book... I ended up coming home with the Eat Clean recipes (here's hoping I make some of them), snacking the day away, eating dinner... then going on the treadmill for an entire hour (while watching the movie 27 dresses!) It felt great!

I have eaten so much today... Here's how it's looking:
BF - fibre 1 bar (2), pineapple (1), strawberries (1)
Lunch - leftover chicken fajitas from dinner at Montana's last night (7)
Snacking on 100 calorie packs all afternoon: (10)
Dinner - bagel with cream cheese (3)
Snack - ricecrips (6)

Tomorrow I'm working a 12hr day on 7A (at SickKids). I've packed my lunch and dinner... and I've already made my detox drink for the morning. I bought that greens+ daily detox. It's disgusting... but I spent $65 to try it, so I will eat every last bit of that powder!!!

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