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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The name of the game = Frustration!

I'll be back to add more later, I only have 2 minutes (literally) until my 10am appt... but I just needed to vent. The scale still is not moving (unless you could 0.2lbs UP). How much freakin' time do I need to give it before I see movement?? This is very frustating. The good news is I still got on the treadmill... because I know eventually the scale WILL move... and this will help it. I just don't know how long it's going to take! Maybe I shouldn't have had the 2 spoonfuls of cream cheese frosting at 1am again. I never used to eat in the middle of the night... I don't know why i'm forming that habit. But seriously... can eating frosting in the middle of the night keep the scale from moving that much when the rest of my food is good and my activity is good? I guess there's only one way to tell... cut out the midnight frosting!!!

Okay, I'm now 1min late for my appt. Better scoot!

I'm back! I was at work all day and then cake class until 8:30 then out to Sobey's to get a dozen eggs to make devilled eggs for my supervisor's 50th birthday party tomorrow ath work. Tomorrow night will be making cupcakes for a wedding saturday, then Thursday after WI will be making MORE cupcakes... and Friday I'm leaving work early to hopefully get the cupcakes done. Saturday morning will be making doing final touches on them and then delivering them to Ajax on Saturday... then back here and get my stuff together and head to Pontypool (likely) since Steph and I are taking our mom's to see "Made of Honour" on Sunday. Steph was taking her mom and asked if my mom and I wanted to go... life is busy, but it's something that I think would be special for both of our moms... so I will definitely make time for that! I think I'll come back here Sunday night so I can have Monday here to myself and RELAX maybe??

So, the bottom line is - here is what I inhaled today:
Breakfast - hard boiled egg (2), oatmeal (2)
Lunch - salad with chicken breast (2), old cheddar (2), cucumbers and tomato (0), ff italian 2 tbsp (0), pineapple (1), strawberries (1), cottage cheese and fruit cup (2)
Snack - salt and vinegar cucumbers (0), fibre 1 bar (2)
Dinner - ww bagel (2), morningstar mushroom burger (2), ff swiss cheese slice (1), yogurt (1), grapes (1), 100 calorie cheese nips (2)

Happy HUMP day!

Thanks for the words of wisdom Tara! Maybe I'll try NOT going on the treadmill Wed night and Thurs morning (ahhh, a morning to sleep in? how nice!). Especially since I have gotten 5 days in a row already of exercise (Friday til today).

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