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Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's a CHRISTMAS Miracle!

I was down 2.6!

Imagine how well I'll do next week when I manage my food AND my activity!!

I'm getting closer to my Christmas goal (which, I'm changing to maybe be the NEW YEAR goal, but I'll keep it as a Christmas goal too)

Well, I'm *not* at home and don't have much time, but I wanted to share my exciting news. I really do have to get to my goal weight now because I am officially my friend's maid of honour in September! She asked me today... I was totally shocked and honoured!

Okay, now back to what I was doing.


The day of truth. Thursday.

I haven't even stepped on my scale here at home to know what I'm facing.

Good luck to Tara and me though!
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thank you, Oprah

I got home from yet another very busy day at work and was ready to throw in the towel on exercise this week. Tomorrow's weigh in, i have minimal activity this week, i'm exhausted... might as well face the fact that this week's weigh in depends solely on nutrition alone. THEN Oprah came on and her show was about weight loss. Thank you, O. This was the kick in the pants I needed to get on the treadmill. So I only jogged 30min... it's better than nothing. Actually, now I may walk a bit while watching America's Next Top Model at 9.

Here's Today's Menu:
Breakfast - 2/3c spoon sized shredded wheat n' bran (2), small banana (1), 1/2c skim milk (1)
Lunch - salad with baby spinach (0), 30g light cheddar (2), peppers, celery, cucumbers, grape tomatoes (0), 3oz chicken breast (3), 3 tbsp FF italian (0). Broccoli marinated in hellman's balsamic spray (0). apple (1). source yogurt (1)
Dinner - 2 eggs (4), egg whites (1), Boca veggie sausage patties x2(2), ww bagel (2). 1/4c craisins for dessert (1).

Tara - good luck tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

L-A-Z-Y, I ain't got no alibi. I'm LAZY!

I have nothing more than the usual excuses anyone else has. I'm just tired yesterday and today. I don't know why. Perhaps it's because work is busy... but who knows. Perhaps I'm just lazy. Perhaps it's all psychological. Either way you slice it the results are the same (which will be a GAIN this week if I don't kick myself in the butt) - not enough activity this week. I really have to get back into the morning jogs because by the evening I'm too flipping tired (getting home in the pitch dark doesn't help either).

Here's today's menu:
BF - 2 pc ww seedless rye bread (1), 1tbsp blue menu crunch almond butter (2), 1 small banana (1)
Lunch - salad with baby spinach (0), mushroom (0), 2oz chicken breast (2), 30g light monteray jack cheese (2), ceasar flavour hellman's spritzer (0). green, red, orange peppers (0) marinated in 2 tbsp FF italian (0). apple (1), source exotik yogurt (1).
Snack at Mathews Professional Corporation - 100 cal chips ahoy (2)
Dinner - peppers and mushrooms (0) stir fried in 1tsp light becel (0) and becel spray (0) with 2tbsp FF italian for a kick (1pt when added with the drsg at lunch), peas (0) with frank's hot sauce (0) and 2tbsp blue menu ketchup (0), 1 morningstar farms pizza and basil burger thingy - which was really REALLY good (2), 1 FF cheese slice (1). SF jello, 1c (0).
Biggest Loser Snack - dried apple and date slices (2) with perrier (0)

I didn't see all of the Biggest Loser tonight, but I saw the end. Although I'm not a huge Kim fan, I do feel bad that the red team is eliminated. I guess we can look forward to Kim crying about it next week.

That's it, I'm being mean so it's time for BED! Here's hoping I can get my butt out of bed and on the treadmill in the morning.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mondays suck

At least it's over with.

Today's menu:

BF - 1 egg (2), 2 egg whites (0), 1tbsp cheez whiz (1), ww bagel (2), dried fruit (1)
Lunch (in a hurry, running late for work): 1 flatout wrap (1), 1 tbsp light garden cream cheese (1), source exotik yogurt (1), V8 original bottle (1)
Dinner - vegetables including red pepper, green pepper, radishes, celery, grape tomatoes (0), 1/4c light tre stella feta (2), FF italian, 2tbsp (0). 2oz chicken breast (2), apple (1), source yogurt (1)

That's all for today. I clearly didn't eat enough, but I just am not hungry... and it won't kill me to not eat all of my points on some days. After all, in case I haven't mentioned - I have a wedding to go to in September now. I better be at my goal weight and looking FINE for my date that day! (hmmm... who shall be worthy of escorting me to a wedding??? heehee!).

1 day down, 4 to go til the weekend.

Weekend: Accomplished!

Okay, so it's been a busy few days.

Friday i went out after work and totally behaved and only ate some vegetables. Came home, met up with Alex and we went for sushi for dinner. I did well. Somehow in the middle of Friday night I woke up craving sweets and gave in to a few 100 calorie packs (bad Jen).

The real challenge though was going to mom and dad's this weekend. I'm happy to report, I totally conquered all and didn't give in to ANY cravings - despite the cake with icing that was calling my name - despite the cheese pizza dad made. I utilized my dessert teas for coping mechanisms after 8pm and by Sunday I felt so good that I was doing that well, I sailed through Sunday too.

Now it's Monday, I have to go to work in a couple of hours... and I'm exhausted. I think I'm getting a cold actually. Hopefully it just passes.

Time to try hitting up the treadmill!

Happy Monday

Thursday, November 22, 2007

We have a loss

I was down 1.8lbs.

I was hoping for more, but I'll still take it!

This weekend lies the real challenge - going to Pontypool. It's so hard going to mom and dad's and not pigging out on all of my mom's goodies in the kitchen!

I thought about going on the treadmill tonight... but it's been such a long day, the couch is where I will stay!

Simon saw the snow for the first time today! Here's a shot taken from Michele's really good camera of him sitting in a snow pile in front of dad's wood pile

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

3 down, 2 to go!

Well... I've made it past hump day. Only 2 more long days left before I can join my family at home and see my nephew. I was doing fine until my mom told me to get on msn tonight and they figured out her webcam and put Simon on the webcam! Oh well, Saturday will be here soon enough. The only downfall to my weekend is I won't see Alex much (but we will survive). Friday night I have a work thing (but will leave as early as I can to go out with my man), then Saturday I'll leave first thing for Pontypool.

Today's Activity: 1hr walk on an incline, weights for 30min of it

BF - 2/3c smart bran (1), 16 almonds (2), 20g raisins (1), 1/2c skim milk (1)
Lunch - Salad with romaine (0), 4oz chicken breast (4), 15g light cheese (1), 5 kalamata olives (1), sundried tomatoes (0), hellman's balsamic spritzer. cut vegetables with FF sour cream dip, 3tbsp (1), 1c grapes (1)
Dinner (breakfast for dinner kind of night): 2 eggs (4), egg whites (1), salsa (0), blue menu ketchup - unsure how much, didn't measure it but not more than 1pt worth (1), 2 BOCA breakfast patties (2), ww bagel (2), light cheez whiz 2tbsp (1)

Tomorrow's WI... I'm not sure what exactly I'm in for after I ate pretty much an entire chocolate truffle Friday evening... but I'll check out the scale in the morning and see what I could be in for by WI tomorrow eve!

I should mention I do now have more motivation to reach goal - I'll be attending a wedding in September and I'd LOVE to have my pick of all the cute dresses there are for thinner people!

Good luck tomorrow morning Tara!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

4yrs? Really?

4yrs ago today Alex and I had (what we are calling) our first date... just the two of us. I bet he can remember exactly what we were doing 4yrs ago at this moment. He's good like that - has a memory of an elephant (or whatever animal has that great memory... i can't remember which one it is). I do remember we have yet to finish watching Legally Blonde (I'm convinced the 2nd time he watches it he'd find it much more interesting than the first time... at least interesting enough I won't hear snoring!!). The photo isn't of us on our first date, but it's the first photo I have of us together. It was 4yrs ago February when Alex took me to a fancy dinner at the CN tower.

I had lovely flowers delivered to me at work today. It could make anyone feel like the most special person in the world to get called to reception and there's a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (with pink roses, my favourite). 4yrs later and I'm STILL being treated like a princess!

Okay, on to ME now!

Today - treadmill with weights for an hour (okay, i lie... weights was only 30min of that hour).

BF - 2/3c shredded wheat n' bran (2), small banana (1), 1tsp br. sugar spenda (0), 1/2c skim milk (1)
Lunch - salad with romaine (0), 2oz chicken breast (2), 30g light monteray jack (2), sundried tomato (0), 5 pitted kalamata olives (1), mushrooms (0), hellman's balsamic spritzer (0). Apple (1). WW bagel (2) with light cheez whiz (1)
Snack - vegetables (0) with FF sour cream dip, 3 tbsp (2)
Dinner - leftover lasagna casserole again! (6), source yogurt (1)
Biggest Loser Snack - 100cal fish (2)

Was anyone else sad to see Kae go home? I'm sick of the black team ruling all... and Jillian walking around with her smirk... I don't blame Neil for his reaction. I WAS, however, really happy to see Kae's results. She is definitely an inspiring story!

Monday, November 19, 2007

One down, four to go

I'm counting the days until the weekend. Until I can get through a work party Friday night and get home on Saturday... until I can see my little Simon... and until we can go to the Santa Claus Parade on Sunday and I can see my little Princess Raven...

Only 4 days until the weekend.

Today I went on the treadmill for 45min, used weights for 20min.

Monday's Menu:
BF - 1/2c raisin bran (2), 2/3c smart bran (1), 1/2c skim milk (1), small banana (1)
Lunch - leftover 3 cheese lasagna casserole (6), SF cheesecake pudding (2)
Dinner - salad with romaine (0), mushrooms (0), 4oz chicken breast (4), 1/4c light feta (2), sun dried tomatoes (1), kalamata olives x5 (1), hellman's balsamic spritzer (0). apple (1)
Snack - going to have a dessert tea while i watch the hills

And that's the kind of day it's been (a la Lloyd Robertson).

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

I know this because he arrived today!! I didn't go downtown and watch the parade (that's enough to kill anybody's christmas spirit). BUT we did get the decorations up and the tree up and decorated!! I'll take photos and post them another time.

I spent hours cleaning today and putting up decorations and cooking... all in all, I think that must count for some activity points. it has to really - because I haven't gotten on the treadmill ONCE this weekend.

Yesterday I suffered from the 'too many sugar free candies' syndrome... that kept me laid up on the couch and off any real physical activity. today, a headache set in this evening and I just haven't felt like jogging. I've taken advil, alex has tried massaging me... nothing is working. i keep stretching hoping that will help ease some tension because after i have a massage that always gets rid of a headache.

anyway, we had my 3 cheese lasagna casserole for lunch... it works out to about 5 points for 1/8 of the dish... i had 1/4 of the dish (go me). BUT we didn't have dessert. He had hot chocolate (light) and i even opted out of that and had a dessert tea!

so, for dinner i've stuck to vegetables (with dip) and fruit and yogurt. here's what it looks like:

Time to at least TRY the treadmill... then followed by a tea during desperate housewives!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What have I done?

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well, the anniversary dinner was last night. the dinner was really healthy, we had a little bit of sushi at an expensive sushi place and I had some wakame and miso soup. I was all good until we went for dessert. I freaking had the decadent chocolate truffle at kelsey's. Are you familiar with it? you shoul be. it's to die for if you love chocolate. (and i love chocolate). it's huge and i shared it with alex... but let's be honest here, i ate most of it (definitely more than half of it). it's fine, i've accepted my actions and planned my activities for the weekend. we came back home and didn't snack or anything. This is their chocolate truffle (and it's exactly how it appeared on my plate)

then it happened. i woke up in the middle of the night craving something sweet. i ate FOUR 100 calorie packs. man. I haven't stepped on the scale yet today, but it won't be pretty. the rest of the weekend is going to be spent only eating fruit, veggies, and lean protein.

So, I was talking to a girl at work the other day who said she doesn't eat past 8pm. If she wants something she makes herself a dessert tea. I've never been a tea person but I've only TRIED green teas. she got telling me she loves the celestial teas (the desset line). Sooooo... I went out and bought all of them. I also bought the seasona/holiday ones (including gingerbread and candy cane! mmm!). My resolution this week (besides the treadmill, as usual). is to try NOT eating after 8pm and to have a tea to cut any cravings I have. I'll just see if this effects things at all. Here's just a SAMPLE of what I bought.

I also went to the bulk barn and bought dried fruits (not candied or anything, just dehydrated fruits - apples, dates, apricots, cranberries) to snack on this week on top of the fresh fruits and veggies.

Today's plan is to CLEAN, shop, get me a new cell phone, do banking/budget stuff... and make CHRISTMAS CARDS. (this is on top of my treadmill and stair master time planned).

Happy Saturday all!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Great news!

If you're looking at my ticker - you are reading it correct. I was down 3.4lbs! Who knows what I can attribute this to, but at least I'm that closer to my now-unrealistic Christmas goal!
Tonight I've eaten everything but the kitchen sink. 12" turkey sub, FIVE 100cal packs of different sorts... AND a mini chocolate bar that was 85% dark chocolate (eek, i'm definitely a milk chocolate fan).
TGIF tomorrow - Alex and I are prematurely celebrating FOUR YEARS together and he's taking me to an anniversary dinner. I have NO idea where we're going, but I'm told i'll have no problem making my healthy choices.

It's that day again

Wish me luck. My scale shows me down, but anything can happen by 6:45pm...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank you, massage therapist!

Work is a little busy and stressful right now (although I think we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel)... it doesn't help that I'm trying to tie up loose ends for my parent group and sickkids is breathing down my neck (when I really just want time off until the new year now). So tonight, I went for a massage. I LOVE LOVE LOVE massages. I was feeling total pain for a bit (no pain, no gain - right?), but I take comfort in knowing that's because she's working on an area that really needs it.

So how was my day otherwise? I slept in this morning and by the time I made breakfast and lunch and did dishes I didn't have confidence in leaving for work on time if I went on the treadmill... so I just didn't bother.

Tonight, after my massage, I'm supposed to come home and rest... so how am I supposed to jog? The answer - I don't. What I did do was walk semi-quick uphill carrying weights for 45min. At least it's something.

Today's Intake:
BF - 2/3c smart bran (1), 1/2c skim milk (1), small banana (1) - side note: loving the small children's bananas you can buy at sobeys!!
Lunch - romaine (0), 3oz chicken breast (3), 5 pitted kalamata olives (1), red onion (0), red pepper (0), tomato (0), 30g skim milk mozzarella (2), 15 sprays hellman's balsamic (0), frank's hot sauce (0). apple (1).
Dinner - 2 eggs (4), 100ml egg whites (1), salsa and blue menu ketchup (0), ww bagel (2), applesauce 1c (1), source yogurt (1)
snack - 100cal fish things (2)

I'm enjoying my lunches this week. In one container I put baby romaine. In another container I mix my tuna/chicken with the cheese and vegetables and salad dressing, then when it's lunch time I put the mixture on top of the romaine. It's been really good!

Tonight i'm CRAVING SALT. I really really want some french onion soup from applebee's. oh well.

Wish me luck for tomorrow... we'll see if all my 100 calorie treats from Buffalo are going to be the death of me!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thank you, Biggest Loser

I didn't get on the treadmill this morning. I was just too tired. But my solid 9hrs of sleep really did me well I think.

The good news is I got on the treadmill this evening. My plan was 40min before the biggest loser started. what I ended up doing was a whole hour... i was watching biggest loser and my motivation soared. i ran with weights for half the time too!

Was anyone else glad with the results of the biggest loser? I just feel like Amy didn't want it as bad as Bryan... I'm not quite sure where Amy gets off blaming her team for being 'backstabbers' when she herself abandonned her own team (that being the red team). maybe i'm missing something.

Today's menu?
BF - 2/3c shredded wheat and bran (2), 2/3c smart bran (1), small banana (1), 1/2c skim milk (1)
Lunch- romaine lettuce (0), 1/2c tuna (2), 30g light cheese (2), red onion (0), tomato (0), red pepper (0), 5 pitted kalamata olives (1), Hellman's spritzer - balsamic (0), apple (1)
Snack - apple (1)
Snack #2 - WW bagel and 1 cheese slice (3)
Dinner - chicken thighs, 3oz (3), ww english muffin (1), 2 cheese slices (1), soup (0 - had a few tablespoons and it didn't taste good to me so I stopped eating it and have thrown the rest out because I know I won't eat it)

I was going to eat a snack during biggest loser but i still don't have an appetite after the soup didn't sit right with me... so, i didn't bother eating.

Happy Hump Day tomorrow!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Something's gotta give

I need to kick myself in the butt!

I was lazy yesterday and that has translated over to today. I did go for a jog for 30min this morning but I was just so tired I couldn't go any longer. I intended on walking this evening... but not getting home from work until 9pm just isn't conducive to doing any form of exercise.

I have to STOP eating my cool 100 calorie packs from the States. These things are a rare commodity... not something to eat every day!!!

Hopefully tomorrow is different. I think standing in line at the border wore me out... I'm still exhausted and thought I was going to fall asleep on the way to work today, while at work, and while driving home... I think I may as well just go to bed now actually!

Cross your fingers I can get on the treadmill tomorrow morning!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day of Rest

It's Sunday. Even God rested one day a week... that is my rationale for resting today myself. I've gotten all of my stuff organized and put away from the big shopping trip to the states yesterday. I did the dishes, vacuuming, washed the floors, took out the garbage, took down the recycling... and here I am.

I may get on the treadmill later... if only for a walk even.

Happy day of rest to everyone!

Friday, November 09, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful STARBUCKS Time of the Year!

the holiday flavours are back at starbucks!!! and my FAVOURITE latte in the WORLD, the gingerbread latte, MAY be available in sugar free here in canada. I'm not sure. it has it on the american website but i'm not sure if they have it here... if not, it's 5 points for a grande as opposed to 3pts...

regardless, christmas season is around the corner when these wonderful drinks are back in my life!!!

*ETA* Okay, the starbucks near me are all jerks who wouldn't answer their phones so I called the new one out in Whitby and a very lovely lady answered the phone and informed me... GINGERBREAD LATTES ARE NOW SUGAR FREE THIS YEAR! (well, you have the option of getting sugar free). She said if you have it sugar free and make it with nonfat milk it's only like 120 calories for a grande (THAT'S ONLY 2PTS ACTUALLY! 2.4PTS!!) (but the nutritional information should be online). She was kind enough to tell me what flavours are sugar free now: vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, cinnamon dolce, and gingerbread. I'll definitely try cinnamon dolce too (it's the only other one i haven't had), but since gingerbread is only around during christmas - that's what I'll be getting from now on!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Semi-Miracle on Don Mills Rd

I was only up 0.6lbs. I realize I'm up... but hey, if that's the consequence from indulging on my own birthday - i'll take it. I can survive this one!

Now, on to my turkey breast subway during Ugly Betty and Grey's! I think some 100 cal chips ahoy are in order as well.

The new week starts tomorrow, I have the day off, my car will be in the shop... I will get my butt on the treadmill!!!!

No miracles here

I don't weigh in officially at WW until this evening. But my scale today shows me up at least 1lb. We'll see what it says by the end of the day!

I'll still wish myself good luck... in case i manage to lose over a pound throughout the day today!!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


This week is a write-off... I think I just have to move on and look forward to doing well next week.

I have headaches every day... my guess is it's the change in weather. I had this last year at this time actually.

I'm exhausted... (or lazy? I honestly can't tell the difference right now. Is it psychological or physical?)

I think i'll take some advil and see if I can't at least get for a walk on the treadmill during America's next top model. I hope my headache goes away. It's killing me!

After the treadmill I shall make my shopping list for the weekend!!!

I still want grease. I'm still resisting.

food pictures courtesy of The Food Pornographer

*Update at 8:35pm. My headache is not going away. I have decided tonight I shall take it easy and lie on the couch. Ship happens and this one has sailed. Next week will be different*

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Going to JunkFood Town. Won't you join me?

All I want is JUNK food. I'm craving grease and LOT'S of it. I want to be lazy. I want to lie on the couch with my fast/greasey food... and lose weight while I'm at it.

I've avoided anything bad since Sunday... but such a huge part of me wants to skip WI this week and have a bad week for my birthday... but I know that's how it starts. The downward spiral to fat city. I'm reminded of my goal and the fact that there's only 49 days to reach my goal. (ha!)

I had a headache this morning and didn't go on the treadmill. I haven't eaten dinner so I'm going on the treadmill now and going to eat dinner during the biggest loser. Dinner is eggs. It's rainy. It's dreary. It's a breakfast for dinner kind of day.

Today's menu:
BF - 1c. raisin bran (3), 1 small banana (1), 1/2c skim milk (1)
L - chicken thigh (3), veg soup (0), apple (1), 3c smartpop (1)
Snack - orange (1)
I feel like I've eaten more than that. I must be missing something. Too bad I'm not writing down what I'm eating this week... I've just been tracking it on the daily plate website.

Here's what I've got to do to my treadmill to get some motivation. Except I'll add the number 6 combo from Wendy's (spicy chicken sandwich with a cheesy baked potato)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Bday Wknd + PMS = 10lbs

That's a nasty formula!

I haven't ACTUALLY stepped on the scale yet to know what the results of my weekend are, but I'm sure it's NOT pretty. I did really well up until Saturday NIGHT. I went home Friday and stayed within my points and avoided all temptation (which is great, normally I cave the minute I walk through the door). Saturday I did really well and avoided allllll the goodies and munchies mom had out all day. I did well at dinner except that I decided to have a whole wheat bun after all (that wasn't my plan). I stayed away from the chocolate cake (although it was a ww recipe) and had the ff trifle mom had made. then we went back to playing alex's wii and i boxed and worked up QUITE a sweat (side note: 2 days later and my arms are STILL sore). then i went back and had another bowl of trifle. then i went back and had another bowl of trifle. then i went back and had another glass of champagne (and if anyone wanted to count the alcohol i had - 1 blender drink kristen made, some fruit and YUMMY and high point thing, 3 glasses of champagne). that's it, my day was done...oh wait, except for the bowl of baked cheetos my mom had out. I'm sure i packed away a few pounds worth of those. that's when i had hit the point of NOT caring because it's MY BIRTHDAY.

basically yesterday was the same story. started out with great intentions. wanted chocolate cake. screwed my calories/points... ate whatever i want.

the good news in it all is my birthday is over with... i'm back to routine and my plan. i'm going to step on the scale in a bit and realize the damage done and deal with it. i'm actually excited to see what the rest of the week can look like. actually, i'm excited because it's only 50 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!! i will take ownership for the scale and will move on!

My plan of attack is the TREADMILL the rest of the week! I've also taken veg soup out of the freezer and chicken... I'll have lot's of fruit and veg's and fish and chicken this week to recover!

here's some photo highlights from the weekend