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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well I'll be...

I stayed the same. Considering how much I ate and how little I exercised this week (and it's my 'bloated' week)... this was definitely my 'get out of jail free' card. Next week I have to work hard to make sure this last terrible week doesn't catch up with me.

My mood is slightly better today...

you know what made me feel better tonight? food. geez... will i ever reach a point where food doesn't help my mood? it totally does. subway and TWIX tonight... oh yes, I'm bad. i'll behave the rest of the weekend (as well as can be expected).

i took a day off today... i woke up still feeling like crying... my eyes were a swollen mess from crying and lack of sleep... work was not a good idea. i also will be taking the day off tomorrow...

So, i got some stuff done today. Got my emissions test done (passed with flying colours. can't believe my car is old enough now that it needs one done!)... and found an outfit. I won't even bother explaining it... here is a photo of it. please tell me what you think!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's a bad day

Let me preface this by saying... I'm PMS'ing...

no treadmill today. i feel sick to my stomach.. i think it's because i'm sick of worrying about something to wear saturday. i bought pants and a shirt and vest today. i can't pull it off. i look like a butch lesbian. i don't know what i'll wear... but i'm better under pressure so i'll find something tomorrow night or saturday.

my venting is done. i'm sorry for sounding like a bit of a princess! just getting my disappointment off my chest...

(PS - alex is taking me to a fancy dinner next weekend... i am grateful for that).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am. Sloth.

No treadmill today. I couldn't get my butt out of bed until 20min before I had to leave for work!!! Who knows why so tired. Maybe because I couldn't sleep last night. I have got to remember to go back to melatonin. My mom told me about a kitten that showed up at their house and cries to come in to the house (but can't, mom and kristen have cat allergies)... they had been locking it in the garage at night to keep it safe (we have wolves and fox)... mom posted a photo at the Pontypool store and the kitty is safe and sound back at its home (on Sandy Hook Road... where ever that is. I don't know the new street names up there).

In any case, I couldn't sleep because I was worrying about the cat. Goodness, I need to go back to taking melatonin. AND remember to drink red bull immediately upon waking in the morning.

Okay, so quickly... here's what I ate today:
Breakfast: 1.5c skim milk (3), slimfast (2)
Lunch: salad with tuna and allegro cheese (2), yogurt (1), apple (1)
Dinner: 2c broccoli soup (3), melted allegro cheese (1), 4tbsp ff sour cream (1), 3oz chicken breast, steamed (3), yogurt (1)
Snack...oops: 3 skinny cow bars (6)
Total: 24pts
Water: 2L (need to increase THAT tomorrow)

Tomorrow's goal: treadmill and red bull in the AM!! MAYBE a last chance workout in the evening if I'm up for it.

Also, I need to find something to wear already for the wedding! This is NOT going well. I need to either a)get skinny by Saturday... or b) become less picky. There is something to be said about being a bridesmaid and not having to pick out your own outfit!! I would like something a bit more casual (perhaps to wear christmas eve or for my bday dinner with alex as well... pants, nice shirt and vest maybe... who knew vests would make a return?).

Tara: Alex's birthday was good! Nothing big... Friday night and Sunday we celebrated, just the 2 of us... went to dinner, went to the movies... went for Starbucks. He's not one for big parties, so this was right up his alley!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Get a grip!!

This is a most recent photo of me (taken this past weekend). What is wrong with me? I blame PMS to be honest... I cannot stop eating. I have an appetite as bad as a horse (or just a girl PMS'ing... what's worse??)

The good news is I got back on the treadmill this morning (after taking the weekend off to RELAX! I don't remember the last time I relaxed on a weekend).

Today I started off with good intentions... but had deprived myself enough that I binged by the time I got home.

Here's today:
Breakfast: forgot to eat it (this just crossed my mind now. I forgot to eat breakfast)
Lunch: 1c hamburger soup (1), skinny cow caramel vanilla bar (2)
Snack: yogurt (1), apple (1)
Dinner: salad with tuna and cheese (2) and 3 tbsp ff italian (0), yogurt (1), 1c broccoli/cauliflower soup (2), trail mix (3)
Snack upon getting home: ice cream (7), 2 pkg granola bites (4)
Total: 24
Water: 2L

Today's lesson? Don't deprive myself so much during the day. I'll only binge later!

Tara: I hope the run went well! Alex and I were thinking about you guys while we were out!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good luck today! (plus results)

No treadmill today. I slept through my alarm! Guess that solves the dilemma of whether or not to go on! I don't know why I was so tired last night and why I couldn't get up today. Now, today at work I am light-headed and feeling 'off'... Bizarre. I don't know if any of my notes are making sense when I speak to clients... I will hope they are!

Good luck for everyone weighing in today (all 2 of us, Tara!)

I will be back with my results later.

I'm back. I was DOWN 2.4LBS! yay!!! I have already enjoyed a footlong chicken teriyaki subway and some nerds... now the rest of the evening will involve some low fat popcorn and Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy... and me with my couch and puppy. I love Thursday evenings!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am strong!

First, I have to say... it's the night before weigh in and I have a package of giant chewy nerds on my coffee table that is SCREAMING out for me... but I am resisting. Let me tell you, it's damn hard too!! They're jelly bean centers with nerd candy shells. So good. BUT alas, I am fighting it. They will be more rewarding tomorrow night after weigh in! You can find them at party packagers... but I haven't seen them anywhere else.
I am exhausted tonight. I spent the morning at SickKids and then the afternoon and evening out in Whitby at the office. I got home at 8:30 and have fought to stay awake since then (so I could watch Workout)... now, I am going to bed!

I got on the treadmill this morning (yay!). I don't know if I'll go on tomorrow. If i do, then it'll be 4 days this week. I always struggle with whether jogging the morning of weigh in is good come weigh in time that evening. We'll see what tomorrow brings... maybe just a little jog.

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast: egg (2), 2 egg whites (0), 30g allegro cheese (1), yogurt (1)
Lunch: 2c hamburger soup (3), celery stalks with 2tbsp PB (4), tomato (0), apple (1), yogurt (1)
Snack: 100 cal smart pop (1)
Dinner: 2c hamburger soup (3), applesauce (1)
Snack: tea (0)
Total: 18 points (should be more, but it's hard to pack enough for lunch AND dinner and I refuse to eat out the day before WI!)
Water: 3L

Time for BED! Good luck tomorrow!!! I hope Tara can find her scale!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Terrific Tuesday!

First and foremost... I got on the treadmill today!

Second, I didn't eat any bad fruit (and therefore had an appetite again)!

Overall, a good day!

Tomorrow is a long day (going between 2 jobs)... then Thursday and Friday lunch hours will be spent trying to find a reasonably priced outfit for the upcoming wedding. Have I mentioned I'm the MC? I was originally asked to give a speech (which I still am)... but now I'm the MC as well. Seems the bride and groom saw me being an MC at another wedding and enjoyed it and decided to ask me. A wedding just wouldn't be a wedding to me any more if I wasn't playing my active part (which I love anyway!!!).

Here's a couple more photos from Saturday night:

Okay, on to what I ate today:
Breakfast: egg (2), 2 egg whites (0), 1/2c ff cottage cheese (2)
Lunch: salad with tuna (1), allegro cheese (1), ff italian (0), vegetables (0)... yogurt (1)... apple (1)... orange (1)
PM snack: 100cal smart pop (1), cheese slice (1)
Dinner: 2c Hamburger Soup (click to see recipe!) (3pts)... 2tbsp choc chips (3)... 1c skim milk (2), 100cal hot chocolate (2)... yogurt (1)
Total: 22pts
Water: 3L

I'm enjoying the hamburger soup... basically it's tomato soup with chicken and vegetables. You could substitute soy ground meat for the chicken... and I didn't put the carrots in (didn't have any), but put 2 tins of mushrooms, green pepper and celery.

I started watching Biggest Loser tonight but decided to tape it on the west coast channel and watch it on the treadmill in the morning. I've watched some of it and can tell you I would like to see these chicks go home:

Happy Hump day to all! Behave now, it's the day before weigh in!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Still kicking

So, there I am with bride #3 at bachelorette party #3!! It was fun and luckily I tracked the copious amounts of food I ate and drank. vodka and diet pop, cake, PIZZA, martinis... thank the good lord for flex points because I used 22 of them Saturday. Hey, at least I counted!

The treadmill has not happened since Friday morning. I was up and downtown by 8am saturday to get a relaxing treatment done on my hair to attempt to help with the frizz (it goes frizzy while drying). it didn't straighten my hair, just relaxed it so it's easier to straighten but also dries with a wave (i love straight hair, but wasn't entirely ready to lose my waves/curls). The photo above with steph is after a night of dancing and sweating... and no frizz! Saturday evening was the party... and crashing at martina's house... then up and out by 7:30am to head straight to the grocery store and quickly do my grocery shopping and then get home (i left chicklet alone overnight... she has her food, litterbox, water... she can survive, just get lonely). I made WW hamburger soup (1pt for 1 cup or 3pts for 2 cups) and vegged out the rest of the day.

That brings us to today! I had to go to work early today (10hr day, yay) for an accreditation meeting... then worked until 8pm.

I slept in and missed breakfast so I took some fruit that I had cut up on the weekend and started to eat it in the meeting... but it tasted 'off' and i lost my appetite for the rest of the day. i felt really crappy... but forced myself to eat.

Here's how that looked:
Breakfast: 2 pieces of fruit (0)
Lunch: salad with veggies (0), tuna (1), chick peas (1), allegro cheese (1), ff italian dressing (0)
Dinner: 2c hamburger soup (3), yogurt (1), watermelon (2)
Total: 9 (it was the best I could do)
Water: 2L (drank less today too!)

Tomorrow's goal... get back on the treadmill. Wish me luck (given it's already after 11pm and my alarm goes off in less than 7hrs!)

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank you, Red Bull

Well, it was tough this morning but I resorted back to drinking Red Bull and was able to get this butt on the treadmill. Red Bull; I salute you.

Today's Menu?
Breakfast (post treadmill protein): 1/2c ff cottage cheese (2), 1/4c chick peas (1), apple (1)
Lunch (planned): chicken chili, 1c (1), apple (1), 3.5c smartpop (1)
Dinner: SUSHI at maison du japon!!!! (I will try NOT to overdo it.. TRY at least!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It happens...

I was up 1.6lbs.

Tomorrow begins a new week. Cheers to that.

It's about that day of the week again...

There's no hope for me following Thanksgiving feasts... but good luck to everyone else!

I'll be back later with my update.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What websites do you kill time on?

First off...
Happy hump day!

I was looking online at what magazine subscriptions to do this year. I always order them through Wyatt and Raven... and what's even handier is this year you can order them online! If anyone is interested... is the website and ON1597 is the school code. You can order any you like and when you go to pay it gives you the option of giving Raven's name (Raven Watson). Wyatt is selling them as well, but he has sold more than Raven at this point... I ended up ordering Prevention and Women's Health. I switch it up every year (last year was Shape and Weight Watchers).

I was looking on the Prevention website before ordering the magazine... I realized there's tons of 'health' websites I look at when I may be trying to fill some time (at work or home). Does anyone else have those wellness websites they tend to read? A few of mine are;

That's just a few I can think of right now... Let me know yours (I'm always looking to read more)!

Today was successful. I'm not optimistic I'll do anything less than GAIN this week after my horrendous weekend... but I can still keep trying. I managed to get on the treadmill this morning. I thought about going on again tonight... but by evenings I'm just too tired.

Here's what I ate today
Breakfast (I was HUNGRY today!): all bran cereal (4), corn bran cereal (2), 1.5 cups skim milk (3)
Lunch: chicken chili (2), apple (1)
Snack: 100 calorie smart pop (1)
Dinner: chili (2), cheese (2)
Total: 17 (it felt like I ate more than that)
Water: 4L

Good luck tomorrow to all!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Patriotic Duty: complete. Weight Watcher Duty: getting there.

So, I went to vote after work. I hope everyone else did (at some point today). I was actually quite lucky. I walked right in to the high school I was voting at and didn't have to wait in a single line. I think if I had waited and gone after dinner I would have had a line. YAY!

Now, I could recap my weekend for you... but that would not make me look good. I'll tell you I did GREAT at the thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's house. How did I reward myself? By eating everything at mom and dad's house the rest of the weekend (including left over baked goods I had taken home).

The good news? I'm back on track today. Although I didn't get on the treadmill... I'm confident I will tomorrow. I'm going to force myself to go to bed early tonight to ensure I get plenty of sleep and can get up in the morning.

I'm back to my 4&7 plan... Hopefully I can minimize the Thanksgiving damage by Thursday.

Here's what I had today:
Breakfast: slimfast shake (2) in 1.5 cups skim milk (3)
Lunch: 2 cup a soups (2), apple (1), tuna (1)
Snack: apple (1), 2 ff cheese slices (1)
Dinner: 3 cups chicken chili (3), 2 tbsp cheez whiz light (1), yogurt (1), 100 calorie pack almonds (2)
Total: 18 (under my daily allowance... but necessary after the weekend)
Water: 3L and counting

Message to self for tomorrow:

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Some quick good news

I was down 0.4lbs!
Considering I have my period (TMI? too bad!) AND how much I ate on Sunday... I'm happy.

Since WW I have eaten my footlong turkey sub and done some serious baking for thanksgiving. Tonight I have done:
  • 6 layer rainbow jello (this is a step by step process which I started last night and won't finish until tomorrow)... for Wyatt
  • cake truffles
  • crunch peanut butter and chocolate bars
  • pralines and caramel pumpkin squares
  • chocolate and marshmallow fudge (a WW recipe I found)
  • crazy tortilla cookie pizza

All that's left is a strawberry chocolate crunch square recipe I wanted to try... that one will just have to wait until tomorrow night. I would like SOME sleep tonight after all.

Have a happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ho Hum... another hump day

I'm being productive... I swear.

The weather is dreary... I have a mild case of blah/cramps/laziness. No treadmill this morning. The good news in it all? I still have this evening to be active! More good news? There's another hour of Biggest Loser tonight! Maybe that will help motivate me. After the way Jillian yelled at those girls last night... they MUST be motivated for tonight.

I am eating less today because I'm blah and don't have much of an appetite... plus, I am restricting before weigh in tomorrow. I should eat more... but I will make up for it this weekend!

Here's what I've eaten so far today (and what I have planned):
Breakfast: slimfast in skim milk (4)
Lunch: lettuce (0) with tomato and cucumber (0) and 1/2c ff cottage cheese (2)... necartine (1)... strawberries (1)... source yogurt (2)
Dinner (planned): egg (2), egg whites (1), veggies (0)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

T - 4 sleeps...

... until my first turkey dinner of the season. The GREAT thing about Thanksgiving is Stacey hosts it... and since she is a WW leader she makes low point whipped potatoes and even makes the stuffing out of WW bread! She is also making the ever wonderful 'crustless pumpkin pie' (who remembers that recipe??) Crustless Pumpkin Pie!

I just took a minute to look over my posts from a year ago... I went on a serious baking spree around this time and baked Tara's 1pt chocolate banana muffins, crustless pumpkin pie... cooking soup... making guacamole... making hummus. I have got to find a weekend to do all of that again. October 19th I am free... hopefully I can accomplish a lot!!

The good news is my treadmill is fixed and back in daily rotation (well... define "daily"... the PLAN is it will be back in daily rotation after a few days of use). it's quiet, it's great... i love it.

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast: oatmeal (2), 100 calorie pack almonds (2), 2 ff cheese slices (1)
Lunch: salad with tuna (1), cheese (2), ff italian (0) and veggies (0)... 100 cal pretzels (2)... nectarine (1), apple (1)... yogurt (1)
Dinner: egg beaters (1), egg whites (0), 2 cheese slices (1)... dessert without carbs was 3 tbsp light PB (6) with a drizzle of honey (0) - yes, I am odd
Total: 21
Water: 3L

Time for BED... getting up in 7 hours may be difficult now... wish me luck!

Monday, October 06, 2008

So long, farewell dear weekend...

Another weekend has come and gone... but at least Monday is over with now as well!

Would you like the good news or bad first?

I can give you the bad news in one photo:

That would be my cake truffle tower. I ate about half of those. Okay, not really... but I ate far too many. I hosted a bridal shower at mom and dad's yesterday and while I didn't eat any square meals the whole day... I snack (which, as we all know, can be twice as deadly as eating big meals).

The good news is my TREADMILL IS FIXED! I have a bit of an aggravating cough happening but I'm still hoping to give it a try (the treadmill) in the morning!

Because of my cough I've had a headache and lack of appetite today. This is (sadly) all I've eaten:
Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: cup a soup (1), tuna (2)
Dinner: tuna (2)
Water: 5L (I am seeking relief for my dry throat through crystal light)

Back to the 4&7 plan this week!

Hmmm... maybe I should start coming up with a solid PLAN this week for surviving Thanksgiving dinners next weekend!

RIP Monday... Happy Tuesday to all!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sleepless in Toronto

I'm still working on fighting off this cold... my throat is sore and I've taken tylenol night time stuff for cold and flu... yet, here I am WIDE awake. Alex has gone home where he can get some sleep... and then I have to get up early and do running around and head to Pontypool to prepare for bride #3's shower!

So much for the 4&7 today... but I knew that would happen on Fridays. After all, I have to LIVE a little!

A quick run down on what I had today:
Breakfast: weight control oatmeal (2)
Lunch: ww tortilla (2), tuna (1), cheese (2), salsa (0), grapefruit (2), apple (1), yogurt (1)
Dinner AT RED LOBSTER, YAY: grilled salmon (4), 6 grilled shrimp (2), broccoli (0), salad withOUT croutons and with balsamic (2), TWO biscuits (7)
Total: 26
OH WAIT... that's not all. I gave in to my ice cream craving later (my sore throat NEEDED it) and went for a small mcflurry on the way home (12)
Thank you flex points. Now to behave the rest of the week!!

Tomorrow's plan is to get to Costco and bath and body works first thing in the morning and then head to Pontypool and start on the baking/making food for Sunday.

I think I'm finally ready for sleep. I will try to update this weekend.

One last note... the treadmill repair guy is coming Monday morning! YAY! I'm his first service call that day... I can't WAIT to have a quiet treadmill again!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good luck today! (plus results)

Good luck to all weighing in today. I'm not sure if Tara is back... I trust I would hear from her if she was (right, TARA!!?!).

I stayed firm with my new trend that I now like to call "4 & 7" (no carbs after 4pm, no eating after 7pm). I think cutting out eating after 7 is cutting out a lot of mindless snacking that can be non-stop until I go to bed (at 10, 11... or later on weekends). I was down another 1.6lbs this morning... My morning weight is a little lower than it was last Thursday morning... but I have learned that means NOTHING when it comes to weighing in on that dreaded WW scale at the end of the day.

I'll be back for a quick update later regarding my progress (or lack thereof)... but I guarantee dinner will be a SUB!

Here's my meal plan for the day actually:
Breakfast: egg (2), egg whites (1), cheese (2), ketchup (0)
Lunch: skipped it (bad, i know)
Dinner: 12" turkey sub on whole wheat (12), 2 subway cookies (8)
Total: 24

I'm back!
I'm down 3lbs!!! YAY! Not bad for PMS/bloated week!! The 4&7 may be something to stick with for now. Just imagine what possibilities lie before me when I get my treadmill up and running again!!!

I got my sub and rewarded myself with 2 subway cookies... my points for today have been updated to reflect the change. Don't you love how WW members reward themselves with bad food? yeah... me too.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hump Day (aka day before weigh in!)

There isn't much going on today... nothing exciting to write. I am fighting off a cold and my energy is less than desirable today. I just hope I hear from my treadmill fixing man on Friday to confirm they will come fix it for me Monday morning. I should have done my biggest loser workout but i didn't. i could make excuses, but I'm too tired... I just didn't do any exercise yet again today.

As a side note, I read something interesting in this month's SHAPE magazine. They said if you keep a more positive attitude you are less likely to get sick. So... they recommend you see yourself as always being healthy (rather than those annoying folks who just seem to complain all the time that they're sick)... and instead of saying 'i'm coming down with a cold'... say 'i'm fighting off a cold'. I'm always looking to be more positive (and i thrive on the fact that i don't often get sick)... so this will be my approach to the upcoming cold and flu season.

I stuck with my plan du jour and didn't eat carbs after 4pm and didn't eat after 7pm again today. The scale thanked me today for yesterday's efforts... i was down 4lbs from yesterday morning! This does NOT mean I'll be down at weigh in this week... since my week goes in a definite scale pattern. I go up on the weekends and each day go down a bit until Thursdays... and Thursdays tends to be my lowest weight of the week (so I can only gauge how I'm doing at my weight loss efforts based on where I was on the same day last week... and how the WW scale feels about me!).

Before I get into my food for the day... welcome Toni! I have no idea why you find my dull little blog interesting, but I'm glad you do! I hope you found your meetings you're looking for. I know in Fenelon the meetings used to be held at the high school but I think they've moved to a church now... but don't quote me.

Here's what I ate today!
Breakfast: banana strawberry smoothie soy milk 1c (2), unsweetened applesauce (1)
Lunch: flatout wrap (1) with chicken breast (2), skim milk cheese (2), 3 tbsp ff italian (0), veggies (0)... 16 strawberries (2)... nectarine (1)... source exotik yogurt (1)
Dinner: egg (2), 3 egg whites (1), 60g low fat cheddar (4), blue menu ketchup (0)... spoonful of light garden cream cheese while cooking dinner (1)... SF jello with 3 strawberries (0)
Snack: attempting to forgo carbs... I had a spoonful of light PB with a squirt of honey on top (2)
Total points = 22
Water = 3L (and maybe one more before bed... trying to stay hydrated while FIGHTING this cold).

Have a great Thursday. Good luck to all weighing in!!