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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's a bad day

Let me preface this by saying... I'm PMS'ing...

no treadmill today. i feel sick to my stomach.. i think it's because i'm sick of worrying about something to wear saturday. i bought pants and a shirt and vest today. i can't pull it off. i look like a butch lesbian. i don't know what i'll wear... but i'm better under pressure so i'll find something tomorrow night or saturday.

my venting is done. i'm sorry for sounding like a bit of a princess! just getting my disappointment off my chest...

(PS - alex is taking me to a fancy dinner next weekend... i am grateful for that).


Tara said...

Awww, Jen...I'm so sorry that things are sucking for your birthday :( You definitely deserve your birthday to be recognized. It's crappy that Steph's wedding happens to fall on this weekend. I mean, she should have had the wedding on HER birthday if she wanted to wreck someone's 30th :)!!!!!
Sometimes I wish that I was still on shift work so I would have days off during the week so I could come down there and help you shop and then we could DRINK and you could call in SICK!!!
What are your plans for the next weekend? Fancy dinner on Friday? Do you want to get together on Saturday night???
I've been thinking about your birthday and I'm sad that you'll be at the wedding and I won't get to celebrate like you did with me on my birthday. So, please let me know when we can get together :)
Big hugs!!!!!

Tara said...

Had I been more on top of things, I would have realized that we should have met up tonight and shopped for an outfit for you. All I did was clean the stupid house. Shopping would have been much better.