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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good luck today! (plus results)

Good luck to all weighing in today. I'm not sure if Tara is back... I trust I would hear from her if she was (right, TARA!!?!).

I stayed firm with my new trend that I now like to call "4 & 7" (no carbs after 4pm, no eating after 7pm). I think cutting out eating after 7 is cutting out a lot of mindless snacking that can be non-stop until I go to bed (at 10, 11... or later on weekends). I was down another 1.6lbs this morning... My morning weight is a little lower than it was last Thursday morning... but I have learned that means NOTHING when it comes to weighing in on that dreaded WW scale at the end of the day.

I'll be back for a quick update later regarding my progress (or lack thereof)... but I guarantee dinner will be a SUB!

Here's my meal plan for the day actually:
Breakfast: egg (2), egg whites (1), cheese (2), ketchup (0)
Lunch: skipped it (bad, i know)
Dinner: 12" turkey sub on whole wheat (12), 2 subway cookies (8)
Total: 24

I'm back!
I'm down 3lbs!!! YAY! Not bad for PMS/bloated week!! The 4&7 may be something to stick with for now. Just imagine what possibilities lie before me when I get my treadmill up and running again!!!

I got my sub and rewarded myself with 2 subway cookies... my points for today have been updated to reflect the change. Don't you love how WW members reward themselves with bad food? yeah... me too.

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Tara said...

Hey there, sunshine!! I'm back, but still majorly catching up. Congrats on the loss. Looks like you've had a stellar week. I have not officially weighed in - that will be next week :) You're inspiring me to behave myself!!
I will try to update my blog soon. Back in full force on Monday for sure :)