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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sleepless in Toronto

I'm still working on fighting off this cold... my throat is sore and I've taken tylenol night time stuff for cold and flu... yet, here I am WIDE awake. Alex has gone home where he can get some sleep... and then I have to get up early and do running around and head to Pontypool to prepare for bride #3's shower!

So much for the 4&7 today... but I knew that would happen on Fridays. After all, I have to LIVE a little!

A quick run down on what I had today:
Breakfast: weight control oatmeal (2)
Lunch: ww tortilla (2), tuna (1), cheese (2), salsa (0), grapefruit (2), apple (1), yogurt (1)
Dinner AT RED LOBSTER, YAY: grilled salmon (4), 6 grilled shrimp (2), broccoli (0), salad withOUT croutons and with balsamic (2), TWO biscuits (7)
Total: 26
OH WAIT... that's not all. I gave in to my ice cream craving later (my sore throat NEEDED it) and went for a small mcflurry on the way home (12)
Thank you flex points. Now to behave the rest of the week!!

Tomorrow's plan is to get to Costco and bath and body works first thing in the morning and then head to Pontypool and start on the baking/making food for Sunday.

I think I'm finally ready for sleep. I will try to update this weekend.

One last note... the treadmill repair guy is coming Monday morning! YAY! I'm his first service call that day... I can't WAIT to have a quiet treadmill again!!!

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