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Friday, January 20, 2012

Weigh In… a day late

Where did the week go?

Oh yes… I was sick, worked from home for a couple of days, left the house for 1 day (and worked hard!), then worked from home again yesterday (thanks to the crazy snow storm that blew through)… and here we are today.

I weighed in yesterday and stayed the same.  Could be worse… but should be better.  The Elliptical will get more of my attention this week for sure.

I will take more food photos next week too… but in the mean time I leave you with a photo of Chicklet.  She’s been addicted to cigars for a long time and we kicked her of that bad habit… this is her replacement.


DSC_0040 (1)

PS – have I mentioned how in love I am with my new camera (which isn’t so new any more… I got it 2 months ago for my birthday)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

We Like the Coffee

Truth be told, neither of us here are coffee people.  While we wouldn’t turn down a Starbucks latte or frappuccino, we don’t order regular coffee.

Enter Keurig.


(don’t mind the messy cords… )

My sister gave us the Keurig for Christmas.  It came with a bunch of different coffees and a few teas to try, but a lot of them are a strong/bold flavour.  I did some research about where to buy K cups and found a place close to here (Markcol Distribution) that sells every K cup imaginable.  I went there and bought a few.


We’ve got coffees, teas, cappuccinos, and hot chocolates!








DSC_0016 (1)

We’re both still adjusting to our recent increase in caffeine intake.  And as a result, my recent increase in melatonin intake.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Night Dinner

I love sandwiches.

Tonight I decided to put out a spread for dinner.  Buns, meat plate (piri piri chicken, roasted turkey breast, salami, corned beef and crispy bacon!), cheese, tomato, dill pickles as well as mayo and different mustards.  I also put out chip dip, nacho dip and salads.  There were chips, salsa tortillas and multi grain tortillas.

Did I mention there were only 2 of us?  I ended up putting a lot of containers in the fridge.  This could come in handy for lunches this week!


Somehow we’ve also ended up with these in the house today.  I sure didn’t make them (I’m on a baking strike since Christmas… I need to take a break in order to help get back on the healthy track).

DSC_0021 (1)

I admit to eating 2.  But I’ve avoided the ice cream so far!

Until we meet again

DSC_0039 (1)

Chapman's Santa’s Milk & Cookies. 

Bought it for the last time today…. until next Christmas season.

I almost didn’t buy this ice cream once upon a time.  I thought it was cookie dough in it.  But it’s not.  It’s pieces of cookie in it.  It’s so mighty good.

I forgot for a moment that this is a healthy blog.  I promise to portion control this ice cream.  I don’t even know if it will be me who ends up eating it.  The spouse is rather fond of it as well.

DSC_0039 (1)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weigh in day

I have moved my weigh in day back to Thursdays.  Once upon a time I weighed in Thursday evenings at Weight Watchers. While I don’t miss living in my crappy apartment, and I wouldn’t give up living with the spouse for anything… I did enjoy my old Thursday evening routine.  I went to work, went home and changed in to my “light” clothes, headed to WW, sometimes stayed for the meeting, then headed to Subway for my favourite sub.  I’d go home, sit on the couch all evening, and enjoy that sub.

I stopped giving my money to WW and decided to weigh in on my own at home.  I changed weigh in day to Friday mornings.  For some reason, I wasn’t feeling it.  I’ve changed back to Thursdays now.

Today, I was down 5.9lbs! 

I celebrated by spending 30 minutes killing it on my new elliptical.  For breakfast, I brought smoothie back.



Because I’m a clumsy fool, I fell twice trying to get in to my car and go to work today.  It resulted in working from home with ice and heat all over my body.  As my grandpa tells me though “It’s a long way from my heart”.  I’ll be just fine!

Lunch was toast, PB, mashed banana and cinnamon.  I think I need more cinnamon in my diet.


You can check out my food diary for the rest of what I ate.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Breakfast of champions


Last night I made some egg muffins.  I threw together:

  • 1 egg
  • 1.5c egg whites
  • 3 slices turkey bacon
  • 1/2c grated light marble cheese
  • 2tbsp salsa

I mixed it all up and baked them in muffin cups until they were done.  Voila.  Breakfast bites.



The spouse tried them… despite liking eggs and bacon, he didn’t like these.  That’s okay.  More for me!  (side note: my man will now be referred to as “the spouse”).  We are legally spouses now and he transferred his old car to my name (and we can do so for free because it was a “spousal gift”).

So anyway… I had a couple of the breakfast bites along with some yummy yogurt today.  I had the Astro fat free peach yogurt with some canned mandarin oranges and peach slices (i rinsed any syrup off of them). It was so good!



I already look forward to breakfast tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Sub Love

I had an acupuncture appointment this morning and then had to run some errands (did I mention I took this week off work? It’s so nice to be off!).  By the time I was done everything it was 1:20 and I hadn’t eaten anything today (bad me).  I decided Subway was the perfect lunch.  I got my old favourite.  A footlong turkey breast on whole wheat with lettuce, tomato, extra EXTRA pickles, olives, hot peppers, and sweet onion sauce.  Oh… and we must not forget the cheddar cheese.





Washed down with another treat…


Dinner was leftovers.  I made tuna burgers, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner last night. 


Time to cheer on team Canada!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome to 2012

It feels like only yesterday people were freaking out about Y2K.  Here we are… 12 years later.

For the first time since the 90’s (maybe 94?) we rang in the new year as a family.  Both of my parents, both of my sisters, all of our significant others and my niece and nephew (who sadly slept through it) were together.  My parents best friends joined us as well.  They’re family to us.

We indulged in some spirits and celebrated our joys of 2011 and all we have to look forward to in 2012.

DSC_0006 - Copy






Cheers to 2012 being everything we dreamed of… and more.