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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weigh in day

I have moved my weigh in day back to Thursdays.  Once upon a time I weighed in Thursday evenings at Weight Watchers. While I don’t miss living in my crappy apartment, and I wouldn’t give up living with the spouse for anything… I did enjoy my old Thursday evening routine.  I went to work, went home and changed in to my “light” clothes, headed to WW, sometimes stayed for the meeting, then headed to Subway for my favourite sub.  I’d go home, sit on the couch all evening, and enjoy that sub.

I stopped giving my money to WW and decided to weigh in on my own at home.  I changed weigh in day to Friday mornings.  For some reason, I wasn’t feeling it.  I’ve changed back to Thursdays now.

Today, I was down 5.9lbs! 

I celebrated by spending 30 minutes killing it on my new elliptical.  For breakfast, I brought smoothie back.



Because I’m a clumsy fool, I fell twice trying to get in to my car and go to work today.  It resulted in working from home with ice and heat all over my body.  As my grandpa tells me though “It’s a long way from my heart”.  I’ll be just fine!

Lunch was toast, PB, mashed banana and cinnamon.  I think I need more cinnamon in my diet.


You can check out my food diary for the rest of what I ate.

Happy weekend!

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