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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i'm a slacker

i think my new goal will have to be to start posting menus for NEXT week! this week has been a bit of a write-off... i didn't take a lunch on monday because i wasn't sure what it would be like at work... and then alex and i went to the mandarin for dinner (scary for any ww member i realize... but i did fairly well i'd say... thank goodness for their sushi bar and fruit platters!!). here's what i had today:
*1 cup all bran (the new honey kind)
*1/2 cup skim milk

*salad consisting of - lettuce, cucumber, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, cheese, and hard boiled egg... with ff honey mustard dressing
*no sugar added mott's applesauce
*waist watcher cheesecake (ran across the street to reid's dairy on lunch and grabbed it)

*2 fish fillets
*low fat mccain fries
*thinsations cookies


not sure what i'll have tomorrow... i'm beat so i'll figure it out in the morning!!! going to bed now and it's not even 9:30... the sleep will do me good!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

finally went grocery shopping!

well, i went grocery shopping today... actually, first i went SHOPPING then grocery shopping...

i went to sears and bought that watch i wanted... it's my congratulations on your new job present to myself. it's a fossil watch... here it is:

next, i went to the body shop (just by fluke, wasn't planning on stopping in there)... only to find they now make an oil scented like fresh laundry... i was all over that! it's one of my favourite smells!!! i always looked for an oil that resembles it in some way... well, finally the body shop has made one!!! so i bought it and the 'africa spa' scent... hopefully my place smells nice and CLEAN and FRESH!

so, finally i got to the grocery store... i'm so excited! i bought my lean cuisine's (the curry mango one is 6 points, and the chicken in wine sauce is only THREE points... my 2 favourite frozen dinners).... i got some raspberries and blueberries on sale.... i bought some tzatziki and some indian dip to have with cucumbers and carrots... i got everything in to make salads well into next week (for my lunches at my new JOB!)... i got sol veggie burgers (only 3 points... whereas the blue menu soy burgers are 6 points)... i got cheesestrings... but perhaps my favourite purchase of all was my DIET ORANGE C'PLUS POP!!! now, i LOVE orange pop... although i drink diet coke most of all (for pops), orange pop is my treat... so i have, in the past, bought the diet orange crush... but really c'plus is my favourite orange pop. so when i saw DIET orange c'plus in the store today... i bought a bottle. i could have bought a case... but i thought i'd try a bottle to see how i like it... and besides, i don't need a whole case.

so those were my adventures today... happy day!!!

Odds and Ends

i haven't updated in a while, i realize this... life was a bit chaotic... and i have minimal groceries in my place.... i bought some crazy plates frozen pasta dishes to get me through until the weekend. it is then that i will go grocery shopping and start planning menus again... next week i start my new job... so i intend to start my ROUTINE then, which will include every night on the treadmill... and mornings will include either pilates or yoga... haven't decided how i'll work that exactly. but since i don't go in to work until 9am, i intend to leave enough time a few mornings of the week to do pilates, and maybe do yoga as part of my bedtime routine a few days a week... haven't figured all of it out yet. but one thing is for sure - MENUS will begin again, and TREADMILL will.

in the meantime... i only have 3 shifts left at this job... then i'm going out with people from work after my last shift (friday)... alex will join us there. mom and dad also get home that day! yay!!! on saturday i have nothing planned... and on sunday alex and i are going to see superman at the imax and in 3D!!! i'm so excited!!!

i took a few quizzes while sitting here waking up...

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bye bye SickKids!!

i accepted the new position at the new agency today! it's a great feeling... some exciting new challenges headed my way between teaching at humber college and doing this new job...

my parents left today for hawaii... mom called when they drove past my apt to the airport... and then text msg'd me when they landed in Los Angeles for their 1hr layover... they should be landed in hawaii by now... i text msg'd her the latest (me accepting the job)... hopefully she gets it. i just hope they have fun and get home to me safely!!!

tomorrow's thursday... so i won't post any menus... but my new job is a mon-fri job... so i'll have a routine and can plan for the week and post menus then!!

just got a text msg from mom... they landed safely in honalulu!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

i'm still here!!

i hope you all haven't forgotten about me... and my weight loss journey!

i'm pleased to report that last week i was down 1.6lbs... bringing my total to 55.8lbs! i'll take it!

i've not been posting my menus because i just haven't been that organized... and i was at my parents' house since saturday... i can't plan menus for when i'm there... i still stay on track, my mom is a lifetime member and hopes to stay that way.. so we work together for meals... but i just can't plan my menus ahead of time when i don't know what food is in the house and what mom plans on for meals...

i also have some news... i've been offered a position with a different agency... no more shift work, no more frontline work... i'm excited at the opportunity, just have to iron a few things out before i make a final decision.

my parents leave tomorrow for hawaii... i'm not taking it very well. i'm so nervous that something will happen to them.. even though i know the liklihood is slim... i still worry.

that's all the news from here... i'll update with menus once i feel in a bit better space and back to normal... until then, i continue with good food choices... and tracking my points! cross your fingers for another successful weigh in on thursday!