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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

i'm still here!!

i hope you all haven't forgotten about me... and my weight loss journey!

i'm pleased to report that last week i was down 1.6lbs... bringing my total to 55.8lbs! i'll take it!

i've not been posting my menus because i just haven't been that organized... and i was at my parents' house since saturday... i can't plan menus for when i'm there... i still stay on track, my mom is a lifetime member and hopes to stay that way.. so we work together for meals... but i just can't plan my menus ahead of time when i don't know what food is in the house and what mom plans on for meals...

i also have some news... i've been offered a position with a different agency... no more shift work, no more frontline work... i'm excited at the opportunity, just have to iron a few things out before i make a final decision.

my parents leave tomorrow for hawaii... i'm not taking it very well. i'm so nervous that something will happen to them.. even though i know the liklihood is slim... i still worry.

that's all the news from here... i'll update with menus once i feel in a bit better space and back to normal... until then, i continue with good food choices... and tracking my points! cross your fingers for another successful weigh in on thursday!

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