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Monday, April 16, 2018

April Snow Day?!

What gives???  An ice storm this weekend lead to a snow day today.  We happily stayed home from all commitments and enjoyed playing.  

The day started with a coffee or 2.  0sp. 

 Then my 2 year old requested a smoothie.  So I split it with him.  3sp 

On to a mid-morning snack of light rye toasted, with guacamole and a medium-boiled egg.  3sp. 

Then I made a treat.  It’s cookie dough!  I blended/processed 1 can of drained chick peas, Splenda, 1/3c PB, and vanilla extract.  And a little she salt.  Once processed I added 1/4c semi sweet chocolate chips.  It’s about 3sp for 1/4c.  Totally worth it for a healthy treat. 

Dinner was SkinnyTaste’s General Tso Chicken.  And it was a HUGE hit.  It’s going to become a regular dish here!! 

General Tso Chicken 5sp.  Salad on the side for 4sp

Great day, it was! 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday funday

Sunday is meal prep day here!  

A photo summary... 


Cucumber salad

Marinated onions (from no crumbs left) - the BEST onions ever!

Chick peas with a General Tsp sauce 

Leftover avocado for the freezer

Smoothies prepped for the week 

Fruit washed, cut, & ready to go! 

Lunches & breakfasts are set! 

Also, I got avocados cheaper at Superstore... boy, was it worth it! 

Bring on the week.  I will be up at my WW weigh in tomorrow, but I will keep plugging along! 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A day of meals

I remembered to take photos of my food today!

The day started out with protein coffee (2sp)

Followed by a snack of grapes

Lunch was chili, buffalo chicken wontons (3sp), and cheese (2sp)

Then a cinnamon bagel for 3sp.  This is just like a cinnamon bun.  For way less points.  It’s heaven. 

Afternoon snack x2. (2sp)

Dinner was leftover sesame green beans (2sp), crash hot potatoes (3sp) and a chicken breast (0) stuffed with light laughing cow (1) and ham (0).  Lightly breaded (2) then baked. 

Now, both kids are asleep and it’s my chance to get extra sleep!!!

Meal prep FTW

Here’s a photo summary of how I spent my Sunday this week. 

Fail to plan, plan to fail!

Sunday, January 07, 2018

All the coffee

Does anyone else run on coffee like I do?  I never used to.  It’s one of the symptoms of motherhood that I experience.  Saturday started out with my usual coffee.  

It’s black coffee (0sp) with 1/2 carton of this protein shake (1sp).  And that’s all!  Nothing else added.  

Lunch was a homemade 2 ingredient bagel (3sp... and all the rage among WW members right now) with cheese (2sp), fat turkey breast (0sp) and mustard.  I had veggies & fat free Greek yogurt dip on the side (0sp). 

I later had a snack of apple and PB (3sp for 1 tbsp)

My Saturday night dinner was homemade pizza dough (again, the 2 ingredient bagel dough), marinara sauce and skim milk mozzarella.  The total for the whole pizza was 12sp.  And it was quite filling!  Next time I’ll be prepared to add free veggies and chicken breast. 

On to Sunday.  Time to be extra good to try to redeem myself as much as possible for my first weigh in since being on a 2 week Christmas hiatus!!! 🤞🏻

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

WW: 2018 edition

Well, I went back to WW in July.  Meetings and all.  It’s what’s worked in the past and I’m ready to make it work again.  

Let’s give the old blog a go while we’re at it!  

Today is Day 2 of being back to tracking.  And I won’t lie.  It feels good.  I love the new freestyle points program with WW.  A lot of the foods they added to the “0sp” list are foods I eat!  Now give me all the eggs and Greek yogurt!  And chicken breast!!! And chick peas! 

Breakfast today was coffee with a Premier Protein shake.  Lots of protein in those drinks and only 1g of sugar.  I put half in my coffee and don’t add anything else!!  

Snacks today were all free of any points!  Fruit and veggies with 2 dips made with fat free plain Greek yogurt.  One with ranch seasoning and one with everything seasoning.  Both homemade. 

I also had a homemade bagel (3sp) with some light old cheddar (2sp), fat free turkey breast (0sp) and mustard for lunch. 

Dinner with chick peas in Indian spices (0sp) and 2 whole wheat chapatis (2sp)

And... I discovered a delicious dessert today.  FF plain Greek yogurt with sugar free pudding mix!  It turns in to a mousse texture and hits the sweet tooth perfectly!!!

I ended up having a little snack plate before bed. Salami (3sp), prosciutto (2sp), part skim mozzarella (2sp) and apple slices. 

I’ve never been one for prosciutto and melon.  I had heard Apple and prosciutto was good, so I tried it tonight.  Nope.  Not for me.  But then I threw a piece of cheese in to the combo and VOILA.  Heaven! 

I drank lots of water, limited my treats to 1 Lindor dark chocolate truffle and a sugar cookie, and now I shall call it a day! Good night! 

Let’s hope this posts okay from my phone.  

Sunday, November 19, 2017


A little test to see if this still works.  

I’m back on WW and ready to kill it!

Monday, February 03, 2014


Anyone else have food like this over the Super Bowl weekend?

Me too. 

I hit reset today & had this...

I admit to also having 3 chocolates today.  But that salad was divine! Romaine, cucumber, tomato, green olives, green chiles, turkey breast, cottage cheese & avocado dressing.  Very yummy. 

Time to do damage control before weigh in Wednesday!!  My new total loss (as of last week) is 9.6lbs!! 
My steps suck today because my stomach is upset from yesterday (is my guess). But I have been taking part in the SparkPeople challenge on Instagram (#2fit2quit) and today's challenge was to try new exercise for 10 minutes... So I tried Pilates.  

I hope you had a great weekend!