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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

finally went grocery shopping!

well, i went grocery shopping today... actually, first i went SHOPPING then grocery shopping...

i went to sears and bought that watch i wanted... it's my congratulations on your new job present to myself. it's a fossil watch... here it is:

next, i went to the body shop (just by fluke, wasn't planning on stopping in there)... only to find they now make an oil scented like fresh laundry... i was all over that! it's one of my favourite smells!!! i always looked for an oil that resembles it in some way... well, finally the body shop has made one!!! so i bought it and the 'africa spa' scent... hopefully my place smells nice and CLEAN and FRESH!

so, finally i got to the grocery store... i'm so excited! i bought my lean cuisine's (the curry mango one is 6 points, and the chicken in wine sauce is only THREE points... my 2 favourite frozen dinners).... i got some raspberries and blueberries on sale.... i bought some tzatziki and some indian dip to have with cucumbers and carrots... i got everything in to make salads well into next week (for my lunches at my new JOB!)... i got sol veggie burgers (only 3 points... whereas the blue menu soy burgers are 6 points)... i got cheesestrings... but perhaps my favourite purchase of all was my DIET ORANGE C'PLUS POP!!! now, i LOVE orange pop... although i drink diet coke most of all (for pops), orange pop is my treat... so i have, in the past, bought the diet orange crush... but really c'plus is my favourite orange pop. so when i saw DIET orange c'plus in the store today... i bought a bottle. i could have bought a case... but i thought i'd try a bottle to see how i like it... and besides, i don't need a whole case.

so those were my adventures today... happy day!!!

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