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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hump Day (aka day before weigh in!)

There isn't much going on today... nothing exciting to write. I am fighting off a cold and my energy is less than desirable today. I just hope I hear from my treadmill fixing man on Friday to confirm they will come fix it for me Monday morning. I should have done my biggest loser workout but i didn't. i could make excuses, but I'm too tired... I just didn't do any exercise yet again today.

As a side note, I read something interesting in this month's SHAPE magazine. They said if you keep a more positive attitude you are less likely to get sick. So... they recommend you see yourself as always being healthy (rather than those annoying folks who just seem to complain all the time that they're sick)... and instead of saying 'i'm coming down with a cold'... say 'i'm fighting off a cold'. I'm always looking to be more positive (and i thrive on the fact that i don't often get sick)... so this will be my approach to the upcoming cold and flu season.

I stuck with my plan du jour and didn't eat carbs after 4pm and didn't eat after 7pm again today. The scale thanked me today for yesterday's efforts... i was down 4lbs from yesterday morning! This does NOT mean I'll be down at weigh in this week... since my week goes in a definite scale pattern. I go up on the weekends and each day go down a bit until Thursdays... and Thursdays tends to be my lowest weight of the week (so I can only gauge how I'm doing at my weight loss efforts based on where I was on the same day last week... and how the WW scale feels about me!).

Before I get into my food for the day... welcome Toni! I have no idea why you find my dull little blog interesting, but I'm glad you do! I hope you found your meetings you're looking for. I know in Fenelon the meetings used to be held at the high school but I think they've moved to a church now... but don't quote me.

Here's what I ate today!
Breakfast: banana strawberry smoothie soy milk 1c (2), unsweetened applesauce (1)
Lunch: flatout wrap (1) with chicken breast (2), skim milk cheese (2), 3 tbsp ff italian (0), veggies (0)... 16 strawberries (2)... nectarine (1)... source exotik yogurt (1)
Dinner: egg (2), 3 egg whites (1), 60g low fat cheddar (4), blue menu ketchup (0)... spoonful of light garden cream cheese while cooking dinner (1)... SF jello with 3 strawberries (0)
Snack: attempting to forgo carbs... I had a spoonful of light PB with a squirt of honey on top (2)
Total points = 22
Water = 3L (and maybe one more before bed... trying to stay hydrated while FIGHTING this cold).

Have a great Thursday. Good luck to all weighing in!!

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