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Friday, November 09, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful STARBUCKS Time of the Year!

the holiday flavours are back at starbucks!!! and my FAVOURITE latte in the WORLD, the gingerbread latte, MAY be available in sugar free here in canada. I'm not sure. it has it on the american website but i'm not sure if they have it here... if not, it's 5 points for a grande as opposed to 3pts...

regardless, christmas season is around the corner when these wonderful drinks are back in my life!!!

*ETA* Okay, the starbucks near me are all jerks who wouldn't answer their phones so I called the new one out in Whitby and a very lovely lady answered the phone and informed me... GINGERBREAD LATTES ARE NOW SUGAR FREE THIS YEAR! (well, you have the option of getting sugar free). She said if you have it sugar free and make it with nonfat milk it's only like 120 calories for a grande (THAT'S ONLY 2PTS ACTUALLY! 2.4PTS!!) (but the nutritional information should be online). She was kind enough to tell me what flavours are sugar free now: vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, cinnamon dolce, and gingerbread. I'll definitely try cinnamon dolce too (it's the only other one i haven't had), but since gingerbread is only around during christmas - that's what I'll be getting from now on!


Tara said...

Yum...I can't wait to try them! Here's hoping that the gingerbread is sugar free this year!!

Tara said...

OK, I'm excited to try gingerbread now too! You'll have to do all the ordering though...that place intimidates me!!
I'm so excited for tomorrow. I did up some directions as this will be my first time going without someone that has gone a milliion times before. I think I know where we're going though.
Usually we eat lunch at the Walden Galleria (there's a subway there). And last time we had dinner at Applebee's - it has the WW menu! It was exciting!!
I will stop monopolizing your comment space and see you in the AM!!