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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank you, massage therapist!

Work is a little busy and stressful right now (although I think we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel)... it doesn't help that I'm trying to tie up loose ends for my parent group and sickkids is breathing down my neck (when I really just want time off until the new year now). So tonight, I went for a massage. I LOVE LOVE LOVE massages. I was feeling total pain for a bit (no pain, no gain - right?), but I take comfort in knowing that's because she's working on an area that really needs it.

So how was my day otherwise? I slept in this morning and by the time I made breakfast and lunch and did dishes I didn't have confidence in leaving for work on time if I went on the treadmill... so I just didn't bother.

Tonight, after my massage, I'm supposed to come home and rest... so how am I supposed to jog? The answer - I don't. What I did do was walk semi-quick uphill carrying weights for 45min. At least it's something.

Today's Intake:
BF - 2/3c smart bran (1), 1/2c skim milk (1), small banana (1) - side note: loving the small children's bananas you can buy at sobeys!!
Lunch - romaine (0), 3oz chicken breast (3), 5 pitted kalamata olives (1), red onion (0), red pepper (0), tomato (0), 30g skim milk mozzarella (2), 15 sprays hellman's balsamic (0), frank's hot sauce (0). apple (1).
Dinner - 2 eggs (4), 100ml egg whites (1), salsa and blue menu ketchup (0), ww bagel (2), applesauce 1c (1), source yogurt (1)
snack - 100cal fish things (2)

I'm enjoying my lunches this week. In one container I put baby romaine. In another container I mix my tuna/chicken with the cheese and vegetables and salad dressing, then when it's lunch time I put the mixture on top of the romaine. It's been really good!

Tonight i'm CRAVING SALT. I really really want some french onion soup from applebee's. oh well.

Wish me luck for tomorrow... we'll see if all my 100 calorie treats from Buffalo are going to be the death of me!!!

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