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Monday, November 05, 2007

Bday Wknd + PMS = 10lbs

That's a nasty formula!

I haven't ACTUALLY stepped on the scale yet to know what the results of my weekend are, but I'm sure it's NOT pretty. I did really well up until Saturday NIGHT. I went home Friday and stayed within my points and avoided all temptation (which is great, normally I cave the minute I walk through the door). Saturday I did really well and avoided allllll the goodies and munchies mom had out all day. I did well at dinner except that I decided to have a whole wheat bun after all (that wasn't my plan). I stayed away from the chocolate cake (although it was a ww recipe) and had the ff trifle mom had made. then we went back to playing alex's wii and i boxed and worked up QUITE a sweat (side note: 2 days later and my arms are STILL sore). then i went back and had another bowl of trifle. then i went back and had another bowl of trifle. then i went back and had another glass of champagne (and if anyone wanted to count the alcohol i had - 1 blender drink kristen made, some fruit and YUMMY and high point thing, 3 glasses of champagne). that's it, my day was done...oh wait, except for the bowl of baked cheetos my mom had out. I'm sure i packed away a few pounds worth of those. that's when i had hit the point of NOT caring because it's MY BIRTHDAY.

basically yesterday was the same story. started out with great intentions. wanted chocolate cake. screwed my calories/points... ate whatever i want.

the good news in it all is my birthday is over with... i'm back to routine and my plan. i'm going to step on the scale in a bit and realize the damage done and deal with it. i'm actually excited to see what the rest of the week can look like. actually, i'm excited because it's only 50 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!! i will take ownership for the scale and will move on!

My plan of attack is the TREADMILL the rest of the week! I've also taken veg soup out of the freezer and chicken... I'll have lot's of fruit and veg's and fish and chicken this week to recover!

here's some photo highlights from the weekend

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Tara said...

Sounds like a good birthday weekend! Don't be worried Saturday night and Sunday. You did well on Friday and Saturday so that's half the battle!
I had 4 straight days of crap eating. I'm very scared of the scale but will own up in the morning!
We have to plan our shopping trip this week. It's been pretty busy at the border...should be fun though despite that!!