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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

L-A-Z-Y, I ain't got no alibi. I'm LAZY!

I have nothing more than the usual excuses anyone else has. I'm just tired yesterday and today. I don't know why. Perhaps it's because work is busy... but who knows. Perhaps I'm just lazy. Perhaps it's all psychological. Either way you slice it the results are the same (which will be a GAIN this week if I don't kick myself in the butt) - not enough activity this week. I really have to get back into the morning jogs because by the evening I'm too flipping tired (getting home in the pitch dark doesn't help either).

Here's today's menu:
BF - 2 pc ww seedless rye bread (1), 1tbsp blue menu crunch almond butter (2), 1 small banana (1)
Lunch - salad with baby spinach (0), mushroom (0), 2oz chicken breast (2), 30g light monteray jack cheese (2), ceasar flavour hellman's spritzer (0). green, red, orange peppers (0) marinated in 2 tbsp FF italian (0). apple (1), source exotik yogurt (1).
Snack at Mathews Professional Corporation - 100 cal chips ahoy (2)
Dinner - peppers and mushrooms (0) stir fried in 1tsp light becel (0) and becel spray (0) with 2tbsp FF italian for a kick (1pt when added with the drsg at lunch), peas (0) with frank's hot sauce (0) and 2tbsp blue menu ketchup (0), 1 morningstar farms pizza and basil burger thingy - which was really REALLY good (2), 1 FF cheese slice (1). SF jello, 1c (0).
Biggest Loser Snack - dried apple and date slices (2) with perrier (0)

I didn't see all of the Biggest Loser tonight, but I saw the end. Although I'm not a huge Kim fan, I do feel bad that the red team is eliminated. I guess we can look forward to Kim crying about it next week.

That's it, I'm being mean so it's time for BED! Here's hoping I can get my butt out of bed and on the treadmill in the morning.

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