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Saturday, November 17, 2007

What have I done?

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well, the anniversary dinner was last night. the dinner was really healthy, we had a little bit of sushi at an expensive sushi place and I had some wakame and miso soup. I was all good until we went for dessert. I freaking had the decadent chocolate truffle at kelsey's. Are you familiar with it? you shoul be. it's to die for if you love chocolate. (and i love chocolate). it's huge and i shared it with alex... but let's be honest here, i ate most of it (definitely more than half of it). it's fine, i've accepted my actions and planned my activities for the weekend. we came back home and didn't snack or anything. This is their chocolate truffle (and it's exactly how it appeared on my plate)

then it happened. i woke up in the middle of the night craving something sweet. i ate FOUR 100 calorie packs. man. I haven't stepped on the scale yet today, but it won't be pretty. the rest of the weekend is going to be spent only eating fruit, veggies, and lean protein.

So, I was talking to a girl at work the other day who said she doesn't eat past 8pm. If she wants something she makes herself a dessert tea. I've never been a tea person but I've only TRIED green teas. she got telling me she loves the celestial teas (the desset line). Sooooo... I went out and bought all of them. I also bought the seasona/holiday ones (including gingerbread and candy cane! mmm!). My resolution this week (besides the treadmill, as usual). is to try NOT eating after 8pm and to have a tea to cut any cravings I have. I'll just see if this effects things at all. Here's just a SAMPLE of what I bought.

I also went to the bulk barn and bought dried fruits (not candied or anything, just dehydrated fruits - apples, dates, apricots, cranberries) to snack on this week on top of the fresh fruits and veggies.

Today's plan is to CLEAN, shop, get me a new cell phone, do banking/budget stuff... and make CHRISTMAS CARDS. (this is on top of my treadmill and stair master time planned).

Happy Saturday all!


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Tara said...

Wow that dessert looks VERY good! And I'm sure you must have had the extra flex points for it since you were so good for the rest of dinner. Don't sweat it...
I have some of the dessert teas as well. My favorite is the English Toffee one with a bit of milk and Splenda. I might go have one now!