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Thursday, November 01, 2007

All's well that ends well

My funky mood is over. I know my coworker is not DEAD and I WILL get to see her again. It was just shock. Too bad I sought comfort food in a footlong turkey sub and aero singles. Shall I be honest? I've eaten the whole box tonight. yep, 6 (yes, that's SIX) aero singles. I'm human. I have a week to recover... I'm not losing sleep over it!

Now, on to my THANK YOU TO TARA! It's in large part because of *THIS POST* that I'm feeling better.

Let me tell you something about my dear Tara. We have known each other for like 25 years (and we aren't even 30 yet!) and we've been through it all together. You name it - we've survived it together. You couldn't dream up a better friend... Tara is one of those rare friends who you can be yourself with... tell whatEVER is on your mind... confess whatever sin you've committed... and you just know she's not passing judgement... and is just going to be there for you regardless. Whether it be to pick you up when you're feeling down... or cry right along with you. She ROCKS!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Your welcome, girl! I'm glad I could help make you feel a little better :)
Have a great weekend and I will see you soon!