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Monday, February 01, 2010

New Month… No Regrets

Hello all

I am back! I took a little hiatus for almost 2 weeks.  You see, for many different reasons after Christmas I really wasn’t finding my motivation… and I didn’t care. That was my problem. I was TRYING very hard to care about being healthy and losing weight. I was posting on here and trying to ‘fake it ‘til I make it’ as they say… but it wasn’t happening. I wasn’t being honest on here. I was telling you about all the healthy eating I did… but wasn’t posting about all the bingeing I was still doing.  I was, however, being honest about my lack of exercise!

Some of my stress appears to be gone and some will be gone in the next little while (or at least be minimal in the next little while).

Of course through all of this I’ve had Alex and my awesome friend Tara allowing me to vent and providing me with the positive and happy thoughts I’ve been needing.  I don’t know where I’d be without their ears over the past month or so (well, over the last many years… but over the past month in particular). 

On Friday night Alex and I were driving to Makimono for sushi (yes Tara, we did go there!!  We both had really LONG days on Friday so Alex decided we weren’t staying IN to eat – we were going OUT!). While we were driving we somehow got talking about my lack of motivation.  Alex recognizes there’s really nothing he can say or do to help me, I have to find it on my own.  THEN, he said something monumental to me. He said “I just don’t want to see you regret it one day” (it meaning not losing weight… it meaning being overweight still).  He’s so right.  Now, this is nothing new to me… but I hadn’t been thinking about it lately.  If I don’t lose weight, who knows what sort of health repercussions it will have for me one day. I can’t have that. I have dreams for things I want to do 5, 10… and even 50 years from now. I want to be able to see all of those dreams out. 

So, we went to dinner on Friday and I really had a lack of appetite after that… thinking about how much weight I have to lose.  Thinking about the 14lbs I gained over December and haven’t yet lost.  Thinking about how I’m 20lbs heavier than I was last spring.

Things are about to change.

Actually… things changed already. I didn’t exercise this weekend (I was soooo busy!), but I ate healthy. I won’t lie, I ate a cupcake Saturday morning and a spoonful of icing Saturday night… but it stopped at 1tsp of icing.  In fact, I’m going to throw the rest out after I type this… no more temptation. Who cares if it goes to ‘waste’… it’s better than putting it in my body.

So, I will be going back to posting what I eat each day. I will also be posting every little thing I put in my mouth… gum… a mint… a teeny BITE of anything. I will be honest with myself and with you guys…  and hopefully in a few months I will be reporting good news back to you on some of the ‘stress’ front (it’s medical… but I’m optimistic it’s nothing serious).

So…. I’m going to come back tonight to post about today’s eats. Now I’m going to get some breakfast and get some EXERCISE in before work!

Before I go… I have a few photos.  Check out what I found in Sobeys on Friday. Am I totally out of the loop? Have we actually always had this here and I didn’t know?


I couldn’t believe when I saw it on the shelf (the LAST ONE) by the way!  I’ve seen Liberte plain yogurt before, but none that they specifically called “Greek”. Of course I had to buy it.  I opened it up yesterday to try it with breakfast.  It was so THICK! I was excited!

DSCN4619 DSCN4622

I added about 1/4c of granola to the bowl. It was so crazy yummy. I just KNEW I would love Greek yogurt!

DSCN4624 DSCN4625

I’ve also been loving unsweetened apple butter (that I bought at Bulk Barn). I will definitely be buying more of it (I just bought a teeny bit before). So healthy, so good…


So… that was breakfast yesterday.  Lunch was a weight watcher bread, chicken breast, light cheddar cheese, mustard & black pepper sandwich… with some Jolly Time healthy Pop popcorn (caramel apple flavour – yum! Found it at Walmart!).  Dinner was some leftover chicken chili my mom sent me home with Saturday, added 1/2c chicken broth quinoa to it. I also had a few pieces of mango and a few strawberries (frozen) with about 1/2c fat free cottage cheese… AND then I had April's brownie batter concoction. I took 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, added about 1.5tbsp of water and 1/5tsp of almond butter… I actually also add a teeny pinch of guar and xanthan gums.  It sets like pudding… then I add about a tsp or 2 of unsweetened apple butter. So good and SO FREAKING FILLING!  I forgot how filling protein can be!

Saturday was busy… doing a cake, going to my parents’ house, going to a baby shower, then back to my parents’ house for dinner and a visit, then back to my place.

Here’s the baby shower cake and cupcakes I did

DSCN4611 DSCN4617 DSCN4616

Alright, off to get breakfast as I am now running an hour behind schedule. 

It’s good to be back.  The new motto around here is “NO REGRETS”.


Angie All The Way said...

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!!!!! Liberte is making GREEK now!!!!! I think you can probably hear me screeching from Halifax! Oh I HOPE we will see them on the shelves here too! Toronto tends to get things before us!

I made an observation about apple butter and I wonder if you have too. I've bought the Eden brand in the jar (fairly expensive) and it was unsweetened. Then I bought the "unsweetened" at the bulk barn but it was noticeably sweeter than in the jar. It made me wonder if it was "really" never know in the bulk bins! You've got me wanting to buy more now though! YUM!

Tricia said...

Great job on the cake and cupcakes. Too cute!