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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Biggest Loser Night, YAY!

How did my day start out? I'll give you a hint...

45min on my precious treadmill... I managed to get up and enjoy a jog before work. I wasn't sure I could do it... but I did! Yay!

I went to work and then went for a massage... it still hurts my neck to move, but it's not so bad.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: oatmeal (2)
Post jog: protein shake (3)
Lunch: mexican pasta... sooo yummy! 1c ww pasta (3), 1/2c chick peas (2), 1/4c black beans (1), 1/4c corn (0), skim milk cheese (1), salsa (0).... a very filling and YUMMY lunch! fruit salad (1), minigo (2)
Snack: fruit mini bites (2)
Dinner: larabar - cherry pie... very yummy as well (4)
Total: 21
Water: 4L (and hoping for 1 more)

Here's some photos...
my protein shake when it's 'to go' (as it typically is since I take it to work to have)

My mexican pasta...

I'm off to enjoy Biggest Loser... and make my lunch and do dishes during commercials. I'm so happy for Mike losing 11lbs and saving everyone! Although, I don't envy them right now with their wall-sit challenge... however, I am curious to see how long I could last (not that I'm going to try it right now!).

Happy Hump Day!

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