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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Every day I make a decision...

I just watched Valerie Bertinelli on Oprah. She was talking about her weight loss and maintaining her goal weight (on Jenny Craig). She said she goes on the treadmill most mornings. There are some mornings she doesn't want to, and some mornings where she doesn't go on the treadmill, but most morning she does. She said every morning she wakes up and makes a decision about getting her exercise in. I love it. There are days where I don't want to stick to my "healthy" ways, there are days I don't want to exercise... but every day I make the decision about what calories I put in my mouth and what calories I burn. Sometimes there are legit reasons behind those decisions, sometimes there are not. This is life. I am in control though... and am feeling confident about the decisions I make over Easter! I realize this is nothing new to anyone... I just really enjoyed Oprah's show today. Now I'm watching Star Jones.

I got to bed by 10:15pm last night, I was tired. I was back up at 2:15am! I had to go to the bathroom, but then I couldn't get back to sleep! I finally went back to sleep somewhere around 4am. I'm happy to say I managed to wake up and still find myself a morning jog. It was only 35min, but I did it. I hope tonight I can sleep well and I can get in a full 45min tomorrow. I also managed a pretty nice and brisk 45min walk on lunch today! I absolutely LOVE when I get to walk at lunch!

Tomorrow... ahhh, tomorrow. Tomorrow is weigh in day. I haven't commented much about the scale this week. My week started with a major scale victory. Not only did I NOT gain weight, I managed to LOSE a couple of pounds! I was stoked! Well, the scale really hasn't moved since that time. I'm not sure what else I can do... I'll just wait and see if it moves again by tomorrow.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: oatmeal (2)
Post jog: protein smoothie (3)
Lunch: salad with tuna and cheese (2), EVOO/balsamic dressing (2), yogurt (2)
Snack: Larabar (4)
Dinner: egg (2), egg whites (1), cheese (1), salsa (0), fruit bites (2)
Total: 21
Water: 4L of lemon water

Good luck to all tomorrow... but especially to Tara and me!!

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