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Sunday, April 05, 2009

It's a 'SICK' Sunday

I'm not going to work today. I can't shake my headache... I think my body is telling me I need a quiet weekend. I have had weekends 'off' since Christmas... but they are always filled with family obligations and visits to ailing grandparents. This weekend, I rest!! I still plan on a nice, long jog... the scale is NOT happy with me today. I have made my steel cut oats, cut up strawberries, made my 'black bean and corn' mixture (that I always throw in a wrap or salad... i love that combo)... and have now attempted to BAKE falafels (made from scratch). They smell divine. I will take photos and post the points values later (I think Tara will enjoy them).

This afternoon's plan:

  1. jog
  2. take out garbage/recycling
  3. bake meringues
  4. take Chicklet for a walk (maybe)
  5. Biggest Loser Yoga DVD
  6. R&R (maybe a lavendar bath!)

Tara... I hope you had fun at your J&J and you recover well today!! Enjoy a day off... and tomorrow we get back on track! Get to the grocery store today if you can!

I shall return... enjoy this sunny day. I know I will now that I'm not working... for now, I am off to take MORE advil!

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