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Friday, April 03, 2009

Can we say "High Calorie Day"??

Happy Friday. The weather is crappy here (has been all day) and it's the perfect night for dinner on the couch with alex, chicklet and a movie. Alex's assistant loaned us "Burn After Reading" to watch tonight.

No treadmill, no jog, no exercise today. It was a planned "rest" day, so... I have stuck to that plan!

I was in a boring ass seminar thing all day. I was DYING for chocolate. On the way home I stopped at Shoppers to get my amazon order (Biggest Loser Yoga DVD!)... I thought about getting chocolate but I resisted!! I feared if may start a full on weekend binge.

I AM, however, eating more today but have decided it's okay, I forgot that Biggest Loser thinks we should have a 'high calorie day'.

Alex is on his way to pick me up and go to the food court to grab dinner... so, here's what I've eaten today...
Breakfast - FORGOT to eat it!
Lunch @ the work seminar - veggies (0), chicken and bean soup (2), whole wheat bun... which I tore the top off of to minimize the bun (?3), turkey breast (?2), cheese (1)
Snack at home - motivate bar to ease my chocolate craving (4), fruit bites (1), chipits (4), cornbread muffin (3)
Dinner (planned) - chicken (5), veggies (0)
Total - 25

I will come back to update if that changes... like I said, it's going to be my high calorie day so I'm giving myself permission to eat more... and I think I'll have a beer actually. No more unhealthy food this week though!!!


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