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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I need a caffeine IV... Stat!

I don't know WHY on EARTH I am so tired these last few days. Last night I couldn't WAIT to go to bed. I ended up not even staying up for The Hills. I decided to tape it and watch it this morning. The problem? I couldn't get myself out of bed this morning. I ended up calling in sick to work. I went back to sleep until 11am and didn't get out of bed until 11:30... I got about 14 hours of sleep! Plus, I dozed off on the couch later. Now I finally feel a bit more alert (and will try to force myself to sleep in a couple of hours!). I also got some baking done today.

So, I did manage to get myself on the treadmill for a full 1hr jog... and then did the BL Yoga workout. It was a bit easier tonight and I was able to stick with it better... I definitely have to work on balance and strength. It does make me work up a sweat and makes me NOT enjoy planks. Funny though, by the end of the DVD I was feeling more limber and had no problem reaching my toes and the floor. The best part is the 5min cool down at the end. I get so relaxed, it makes all the sweating and shaking legs/arms all worth it.

So now I watch My Biggest Loser and do dishes and make tomorrow's lunch during commercials. Tomorrow Alex and I are going to the mall after work so I can buy Simon his little person trampoline for Easter (you can only get it as Mastermind... A girl at work got one for her daughter and recommended it).

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast - oatmeal (2)
Lunch - pasta (3) with black beans and corn (1), cheese (2), mushrooms, peppers, red onion (0), salsa (0)
Snack - Jocalat Larabar (3)
Baking - cookie dough (?2)
Dinner - mexican chicken with a few black beans and corn and salsa (3), veggies (0), edamame (0)
Total: 16 - why do I feel like I've eaten 26pts today? I am bloated.
Water: 4L

Some photos...
Mexican pasta (I do love my mexican food with salsa/corn/black beans these days!)

More pasta for lunch (note: in the mug is instant coffee with caramel davinci and caramel splenda!)jocalat with coffee? Do we sense a theme to try to help me become alert today? I still prefer regular Larabars.This is dinner. It tasted better than it looks (the chicken at least)... I didn't end up eating most of the veggies and edamame, but ate all of the mexican chicken.I was thinking tonight about my healthy eating... I actually am not missing processed food. Healthy eating has just become a way of life. I still have my few indulgences on the weekend, but overall it's still all healthy for me and I think my body is used to it. I fear the scale is not moving this week... I am definitely UP from where I was last week. I think I over indulged on the weekend. I hope I don't pay for it Thursday... It will definitely motivate me to stay on track for Easter either way. I'm rambling.

I didn't feel as hungry for dinner tonight. Maybe it's because I had my Larabar 2 hours prior? Or maybe it's because I ate (probably) the equivalent of a spoonful of cookie dough. I felt sick after eating it. Is my body starting to reject unhealthy food? Dare to dream!

Happy hump day... only 2 more days until the LONG weekend!!


Tara said...

I'm envious of your sleep day! Hopefully you're feeling a bit better and can get to sleep tonight.
We can only hope that someday our bodies will reject bad food! I felt the same yesterday after the chocolate cake that I ate. The first two bites were good and I should have stopped after that.
As for this weekend, Friday is the day that I will see parents, siblings and the nephew when they all come over to celebrate our birthdays. Otherwise, we're saving Easter for next weekend! We order from Terry's fish and chips and I know there is grilled fish. I don't think baked potato is an option there but maybe? I'll have to check that out.
When is your Easter dinner? Are the plans for it still falling into place as far as everyone cooperating and bringing healthy stuff?
We go to Vegas for 5 nights!! It just hit me that it is coming quickly. I need to get us organized!!!

Tara said...

Hopefully your grandma and Poppa Jim are both able to come to Easter dinner! Sounds like a fun time. I was just thinking that I should be getting Preston something for Easter. I don't think I did last year?? Hmmm, I'll have to check into that tomorrow!
The tortilla dip and low fat deviled eggs sound yum! I've been on an egg kick lately :)