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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guess what!

Down 2.2lbs!

Of course, I wanted 3lbs... but 2.2 is okay. I'm happy with it! This makes 9 whole weeks in a row with losses. Yay!

Today's activity included a 45min jog (not a full hour, oh well) and the 5K walk on lunch hour. I thought I might not get a lunch today and be able to walk, but being healthy is my new priority... so, I made it happen.

I've had my sub (thanks Alex!) and I've indulged in angel food cake. I might also have popcorn...

Happy Friday! I am making dinner for us tomorrow. Save some money, be healthy (and I'm done work early tomorrow, so I have time!). I'll update dinner tomorrow and post photos!

Have I mentioned I MISS TARA??!? I hope she's having F-U-N!!

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