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Thursday, April 09, 2009


I jogged this morning for an hour. I walked briskly at lunch for almost an hour. I came home and my scale still had me up about 1lb from last week. I went to weigh in prepared to lose my bet with Alex (if I stayed the same or gained, subway was on me tonight).

I stepped on the scale and low and behold... the WW scale liked me better today.

I was down 0.2lbs!
Somehow the WW scale took pity on my efforts this week.

I practically RAN out to Alex's truck to tell him the good news.... that he was buying me dinner!!! (Let the record show, when he saw how bummed I was that I figured I would be up, he had decided he would buy dinner to cheer me up). The new deal? Every week I lose weight, he will buy me my sub. Sure! Works for me!

Now, I am off to make merginues... they will help me make 'healthier' dessert choices this weekend. I'm going to kick some calories asses this weekend and lose weight!!

First, here's what I've eaten today (in no particular order)
banana larabar (4), fruit bites (2), almonds (2), 1/2c skim milk (1), subway turkey sub (12), chocolate chip cookies (5)
Total: 26 (hey, I exercised enough today for those points!)

I think I will come back later and devote a post to the RULES Tara and I are following this weekend... we are going to keep her at her GOAL and have me LOSE weight (and keep working towards my goal!).

Happy Thursday!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Yay Jen!
Down is down and that's 7 weeks in a row for you! Plus a free sub! You've hit the jackpot! I had to pay for my own damn sub...AND they only had WHITE bread!!! How does that happen!?!?
Onto our new week!! We can do this!