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Monday, April 13, 2009

Goodbye Easter '09!

This is going to be quick... I need to get to bed!

I am proud to say I survived Easter. Way to go to Tara and me! We did it!!

The day started off with the scale having me up 0.6lbs from yesterday!! I thought I did so well! What can you do? I didn't get any activity in today, I knew there wouldn't be time at all. The good news is that I literally only sat down while I was eating... so today was busy. We got up and found the egss the Easter bunny hid...
My basket was kick ass and really conducive to my new healthy lifestyle. Big props to my mother Easter Bunny for actually listening to my request this year (the request being NO unhealthy stuff)...

I also was at Costco with my mom on Saturday... I bought my own box of motivate bars and a bag of fruit bites. I am soooo set for a while!!!

Everyone arrived, including grandma and poppa jim (PJ is in a wheelchair but handles it totally fine!)... then we ate dinner. After dinner (which was really lunch) was the egg hunt... and then some dessert... we wound down and were satisfied after another exhausting holiday with the family! Some of my family (aunts!) tended to focus on my grandma driving them nuts... I personally was just happy to have everyone together for the holiday. I know 10 weeks ago I didn't think Poppa Jim would be here with us to celebrate!! Here I am, happpy to have had a great day (and happy to have my main squeeze to share in the celbration. Sorry, did I make you puke?)...

So, here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: ww tortilla (1), hard boiled egg (2), cheese string (1)
Lunch/Dinner: turkey (1), stuffing (2), turnip casserole (2), carrots and green beans (0), potatoes whipped with chicken broth (3)
Dessert(s): 7 mini eggs (2), 2 peanut butter balls (4), cake ball (2), 10 meringues (1), 2 angel food cupcakes (4), ff cool whip (1)
Total 26
Water: 2.5L

I had a few more treats than I would have liked, but I have to say that overall I am happy with my choices this year. When I think back to last year, I was a train wreck at the dessert buffet... This year I think I showed serious restraint. I should have drank more water, but there was no time!!

I did manage to sneak out with my plates to take a couple of photos for my secret blog... here's my lunch plate and my dessert plate (note: I ended up eating 1 more chocolate peanut butter ball later!)...

Now, it's off to bed. I've basically lost 1 day before weigh in this week because of the holiday today (and usually I get an hour jog in on Mondays!!). Good night! Congratulations to Tara and I. I am so proud of us... I think we did amazing and we will have to remember this for the next holiday... or even just celebration weekends. I think our rules were awesome!

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Tara said...

Wow! We certainly do rock :) This has been a great challenge that has helped me be accountable and not just say "screw it" after I over eat on one day. I wasn't perfect but I didn't do too badly. And the excercise was great! I haven't gotten that much in on a weekend in a long time.
Anyway, thanks for the support :)
And tell your Easter Bunny that she forgot to come to my house :)
PS. ha ha about the brussel sprouts! My mom didn't like them so I'd never had them growing up!! I like them roasted in balsamic vinegar in the oven...they're good!! J even eats them...he says he likes them now too!?!?