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Monday, April 27, 2009

No Rest for the Weary? Wicked?

First, WELCOME BACK TO TARA!!! Oh how I've missed her!

Now... this is going to be short. I'm exhausted. I worked yesterday... woke up today and managed an hour jog and went to work. Tonight has consisted of starting baking for Wednesday's birthday lunch at work, making a card, making tomorrow's lunch and doing dishes... all within the past hour and a half. The Hills is on now but I don't care, I'm going to bed and I'll catch the show another time this week when it airs again.

Here's what I had today...
Breakfast: yogurt (1), strawberries (1), flaxseed (0)
Lunch: ww tortilla (1), refried beans (2), veggies (0), 1/2c cottage cheese (2)
Snack: Larabar - banana bread (4)
Dinner: salad with chick peas (2), cheese (2), black beans and corn (1), EVOO balsamic dressing (2), yogurt (1)
Total: 19
Water: 4.5L - thirsty much?


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