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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Today, I eat!

I fear this is all I have left, for I have EATEN everything else...
I love lazy days... they are very few and far between for me... but they are dangerous! I tend to EAT when I am bored.

Today I was tired from the moment I woke up... Alex wore me out last night (kidding!). I went to Ambrosia for some Larabars and to check out anything else new and interesting. They sell the Larabars for $1.89 each. They end up being about $1.50 each (if I remember correctly) at Costco, and they've been $1.67 at Superstore lately. The thing about Ambrosia is that they have all of the flavours. I ended up getting a bunch of banana bread ones, knowing I could get all of the other ones I like at Superstore. I left Ambrosia and went to Superstore... where I came to find not only is the 3 for $5 special OVER and the larabars are back up to $1.99 each - they didn't even have any there!!! So... I ended up only coming home with the dozen from Ambrosia (12 for $22 approx... BUT you get to pick all of your flavous).

I came home and did some cleaning, some organizing, some purging of papers, magazines etc that had built up and rearranged my bedroom (back to how it used to be... bed under the window).

Otherwise, I have spent the day on the couch watching some classic movies...

No treadmill, no jog today. I was going to have yesterday and tomorrow off. That has changed to yesterday and today. That means tomorrow is a morning jog, making my steel cut oats, cutting up veggies, attempting to make home made falafels... and going to work (3:30 to 11:30).

Here's what I've eaten today...
strawberries and pineapple (2), larabar (4) wasabi peas (6), pasta (3), chick peas (1), salsa (0), yogurt (1), popcorn (2), fruit bites and almonds (2), turkey sub (12).... AND my unhealthy thing today? PB (4) and chocolate chips (4).
TOTAL today?? 41. Nice. Thank you flex points!
Water? Only 2L!!!

Tomorrow will be MUCH different. Please don't be surprised if you see me cut back drastically on my points tomorrow. I have to really work hard now to prepare for Thursday after my poor efforts today. This is NOT how I should be preparing for Easter!!

Happy Sunday! I am heading to bed!

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