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Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Game is Easter. The Rules are Simple. In the end, 2 winners will stand tall.

Tara and Jen's Easter Rules
  1. Exercise a minimum of 2 out of 4 of the days of the long weekend (but, more is better. Aim for every day!)
  2. Only ONE treat is allowed per day during these 4 days (and the treat is only 1 serving). Weigh out all options and choose treats carefully. Healthier/low fat/low calorie desserts do not count towards this treat, but should be portion controlled in order to maximize success.
  3. Limit alcohol. Try lower calorie drinks (i.e. vodka and diet pop or diet juice or crystal light even!). Try to drink slowly and have 0 point drinks (water!) between alcoholic drinks.
  4. Meals must be healthier. Unhealthy items may be eaten (i.e. stuffing) but should be kept to a small serving. Aim for 1 spoonful of these items and fill up on any possible veggie dishes/salads.
  5. TRACK everything as you go. Keeping a tally on the points that have been consumed already may stop us from going overboard at the next meal. We all know, if you don't track... next thing you can't really (and accurately) remember what you've already eaten that day. This is a barrier to success.
  6. Attempt to blog every day (even if very short). We can proud to publish our successes and may motivate others to do their best on the weekend.
  7. If we get off track... do NOT wait until tomorrow (or worse, the end of the weekend) to get back on track. It may take every ounce of willpower we've ever had, but if we feel we 'don't care' or 'have already blown it'... don't give up. Don't sabotage the weekend due to one slip up. We will have less damage control to do if we only have a little slip up as opposed to the entire weekend.
  8. Get plenty of sleep (that's just always important).
  9. Drink lot's of water (again, important every day... can't forget it on the holidays).
  10. After a successful day... don't reward ourselves with FOOD. If we look back and realize 'hey, I only had 18pts today, I'm good'... that is not an excuse to go all out and eat more.

It's important that we ENJOY the weekend. We can't feel like we've been deprived of some great holiday experience just because we didn't indulge in bad food. We will have so much more to show for it next week (and in VEGAS)... the pride will trump any bad food that we could have eaten!!

This is awesome. We can TOTALLY do it. See you tomorrow... I will now take my laptop to mom's and enjoy her wireless internet... and blog every day!!

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