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Friday, April 10, 2009

Day One. Happy Good Friday

Well, one day down... 3 to go!
I am happy to report that day one has been a success! I got up, did some baking, did some packing, did some jogging (full hour!)... then headed here to Pontypool (where I now sit). I did remember to pack my BL cardio and Bob's Yoga DVD's.

There isn't much to really report today, so here's what I ate...
Breakfast: oatmeal (2)
Snack: 10 meringues (1)
Lunch: 1c pasta (3), 1 chicken breast (3), 30g light monteray jack cheese (2), salsa (0) a few black beans and corn (0)
Post jog: caramel peanut motivate protein bar (4)
Dinner: 1/2c chicken chili (1), pickled beets (2), zucchini and mushrooms (0)
Total: 18
Water: 3L

So... I have obeyed all rules today. I got exercise in. I did not indulge in any treats (unless you want to count the meringues as a treat. They are awesome). No alcohol. Meals were only healthy. Everything got tracked as the day went along (just have to add dinner in there). I am blogging. I got lot's of sleep last night (because I was in my full time bed... getting lot's of sleep the next few nights might be harder, I never sleep in here). Haven't drank as much water as usual... but my mom has informed me there is Perrier downstairs... might have some 'treat' water. I am not going to eat any more today (not going to reward myself with food... even though the bowl of ice cream my dad is currently eating does look good. I'm not hungry).

There we have it! I hope Tara survived her very challenging day. I know it's fun to get together with the family... but I don't envy the obstacles she faced today!

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Tara said...

It was indeed a Good Friday for you! Excellent job :) It always feels good to start strong (not that I would know!!!).
I love your Easter rules post! We will kick this Easter eating in the ass for sure!! I'm hoping tomorrow's Easter dinner goes well. It's so hard when you don't know what the menu will be. Plus sometimes they make me something "extra" cause I don't eat meat. I've repeatedly assured them that I'm OK with potatoes and veggies. Here's hoping for no boughten quiche or lasagna tomorrow!!!
Good luck with your family dinners!
Stay STRONG :)