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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big Loser, I am!

Well, I did it. Not only have I lost weight for 10 weeks in a row now, but I'm officially (finally) at my lowest weight since joining weight watchers.

I was down 1.8lbs!

The scale had me about the same this morning (as last Thursday morning)... I guess I must have managed to burn off more calories throughout the day/afternoon or something. Maybe I just sweat a bit more on the walk in the humid weather today! Regardless, it's good news.

I have eaten half of my sub (rather, inhaled it) and am going to enjoy the other half before I get into baking... and then enjoy some treat during grey's anatomy (perhaps salt and vinegar chips?). I may update later... but if not, I'll be back tomorrow or Saturday!

1 comment:

Tara said...

WOW!! I am SOOOOO proud of you :) You're on such a roll! There isn't anything that can stop you now, lady!!
Salt and vinegar chips sound like the perfect treat for grey's! I'm going to have some baked lay's and low fat dip! I'm having trouble not breaking them out right now, actually!
Good job, Jen. You rock!