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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day two. You be the judge

Okay, I gave myself a check mark... I don't know if I've earned it in its entirety.

Today mom and I got up and spent THREE hours shopping in Peterborough. Shopping on the Saturday of Easter weekend is brutal. The stores were closed yesterday, they are closed tomorrow... everyone shopped today. Three hours of shopping did equal about 2 hours of walking though!

We got home and I was STARVING. I did eat 5 m&m's that the Easter Bunny has left here for Alex. However, I did do my yoga workout prior to dinner. 35min of Yoga... a bit of a sweat. I did some baking throughout the day (cherry angel food cupcakes, chocolate crunchy peanut butter balls, rocky road fudge, chocolate cake truffles). One of my downfalls has been licking the spoons or chocolate off my fingers... I never ate spoonfuls of anything, but at the end of it all I did lick spoons.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast - 8 strawberries (0), yogurt (1), flax seed (0), ww tortilla (1) w/ cheese string melted (1)
Lunch - 1c whole wheat pasta (3), tomatoes (0), cheese (1), 10 fruit bites (1)
Dinner - tilapia (3), baby potatoes (2), lettuce with cheese (1) and cottage cheese (2) and cucumber (0), 1/2 hard boiled egg (1)
My treat(s): 5 m&m's (1), licking spoon of cake batter (1), licking spoon with other baking (?2)
Total: 21
Water: 3L

So, I don't know if I broke rules today or not. I was going to count the m&m's as my treat... but I am a little disappointed with myself for how much 'licking the spoon' I did... but, I could have done worse today and I still got some activity in. I brought a scale home with me (my older scale... I got a new scale at my birthday this year). I stepped between my old scale and my new scale several times yesterday to figure out the weight difference. So, according to the scale this morning I was down 0.1lbs. Not a lot... but at least it wasn't a gain. Tomorrow morning may tell the truth about today though. For the most part I met all the rules for today. Tomorrow I won't indulge quite as much... and Monday will be the true test!! I'm hoping to get a bit more cardio in tomorrow. Kristen has her elliptical set up downstairs in front of an old TV and DVD player... I think I might just put on a movie and go to town! Then, tomorrow evening I will plan on yoga again. Yes sir... I can still kick this weekend's butt!!

2 down, 2 to go! I really do have to behave Monday though... because then I only have 2 real days to recover before weigh in!!

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Tara said...

Thanks for letting me be the judge :) Verdict is definitely get the checkmark!!! Despite your disappointment with the spoon licking, you are within your points so I don't think that's breaking any rules. Plus your treat was only 1 point! SO I think the spoon licking could combine with the M&M's to be your treat! Plus my mouth is watering just hearing about your baking. You did awesome not eating the finished product!!
Onto tomorrow we go!
Happy Easter. Hope the bunny doesn't torture you with too many treats!!