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Thursday, August 02, 2007


it's thurday... the day of truth... this is really my first week being back at it hardcore since vacation... i just HOPE i can pull off a loss! i have been so careful to write down everything i eat this week and also enter it in i've reached my goal of getting on the treadmill 4 times... we will see how it all pans out.

I managed to still get on the treadmill for a jog yesterday morning... so i went on it monday night, tuesday morning, tuesday night, and wednesday morning. my plan was to go on last night, but i was too tired. and thursdays are my day off.

my big chore of the day on thursdays (besides working, of course!) is planning what to have for dinner... at the moment i would like an entire foot-long sub AND perogies from swiss chalet (i LOVE their perogies, i don't know why exactly!).

that's about all the updates from here... tonight is big brother night (i think kail might finally go home). and then i countdown til hell's kitchen on monday! TARA - i agree with your idea actually, i think we will be seeing rock win... and i think that's the reason jen went home!

I'm HUNGRY! but it's only 3.5 hours until weigh in so i REFUSE to eat this late. maybe i'll go shopping... i could stand to get away from my desk!

Wish me LUCK everyone... PLEASE! i'm sick of gaining!! (last week i didnt' gain, i stayed the frickin same).

happy day-before-friday!

Friday alex and i are going to dinner at wayne gretzky's then going to the jay's game... should be fun!

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