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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Another adventurous Friday night with Jenny and Binu

Okay, if you haven't heard of "Toopy and Binoo" you may not find that title as cute as i do.

Last night we had our big Friday night out. We went to Gretzky's for dinner (I had the thai chicken pizza... really good! and thank god for a few flex points!!). After that we went to the game... jays won (I think the score was 6-4). after the game ended alex asked me if i had to go to the washroom before we left.. i told him i didn't... so we walked out and tried to remember where we were parked exactly in the maze that is the underground parking at the metro convention centre. we couldn't have been more confused... if we had white hair people would have been taking pity on us and helping us, i'm sure. we had been walking for about 5 minutes when i realized i had to go to the bathroom... but i decided to just try and wait until we got home... since i had told alex only a few minutes prior that i didn't need to go. after we had walked around the roger's centre and through the cn tower i finally had to breakdown and tell him... so we found our way to front street and ended up going into the intercontinental hotel right at the convention centre. it was gorgeous. after we found the lobby washrooms and i finally got some relief alex asked if i wanted to go have a drink in the restaurant/bar there... of course i didn't decline! it was so nice and dimly lit and relaxing there... with big comfy leather chairs... so we sat at a quiet table away from others (a nice change from gretzky's and the jays game) and i ordered a cosmopolitan for the first time in my life... so my drink and his beer came and we enjoyed them... until the bill came. holy crap. my drink was $15. after we paid for drinks and left a tip... the total for 2 flipping drinks was $30!!!! but it was a really nice place and a nice way to cap off an evening.

if you'd like to see the place it's i believe.

today i managed to catch up on my sleep and do some cleaning, have a nap... and here we are. i think i'll try a 1hr fast walk on an incline later... because i found it quite challenging the other day. i'm having a quiet evening to myself and with my tv... so i'll go on this evening once it (hopefully) cools down a little in here.

i don't have many groceries in because i'll be spending the week in pontypool... but i would like to run out and buy some sour cream and vegetables so i can have my veggies and dip for dinner. otherwise, i'll scrounge around here to find something to eat with it.

so far today i've had 2 WW english muffins (2) with 2 FF cheese slices (1), 1 peach (1), 1 100 cal popcorn (1), smart ones frozen dinner sante fe rice (6), chips ahoy 100 calorie pack (2)

happy long weekend everyone!!

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