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Friday, August 03, 2007

All that hard work...

and I was only down 0.8lbs. This is NUTS. I know, I know... at least it was down.

I'm starting to think when I started the new BC pill prescription last summer that is REALLY hindered my weight loss... because it was exactly when I started the prescription that my loss has dramatically slowed down. I can maintain, just not lose. I'm starting to wonder if i should come off the pill until i reach my goal weight. I suppose that's something to discuss with my doctor and alex as well... just to hear their input.

my mood is crappy today because it's too bloody hot in my apartment. i can't sleep at night!! BUT at least i get to go out with alex tonight for a fun night. that is what is getting me through the day. i know it's the friday of a long weekend and that should be exciting (AND i'm leaving work early)... but i am hoping to work at sickkids tomorrow and monday (although they haven't called yet. last long weekend i wanted to work they didn't call me until like 10am on the saturday to work that day at 3:30!).

I think dinner tonight will be the thai chicken pizza... I already looked at the menu on the website and have planned my points (basically, starving myself all day so i can eat some pizza!).

breakfast - yogurt and muesli
lunch - ww bagel and a cheese slice, peach

dinner - indulge!

i'm listening to another girl do an intake with a mom right now... let's just say, if i were the parent she was speaking to i would NOT be enjoying this conversation. some intake workers just aren't as happy/smiley/pleasant as others... BUT then again there are a million parents i speak to who aren't very chipper like me when i speak to them.... maybe the parents find me offensive and fake! too bad for them!! haha!

happy long weekend everyone!!!

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