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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Call me Marvin

... 'cause I'm Starvin today!

Well, today is T-day.

It's also the day I have to do fasting bloodworks... so I don't know when I'll get to doing that... but I'm not eating this morning and then will likely try to go on lunch to do my bloodwork... and depending on what time I get to take my lunch it may be too late for me to feel I can eat a lunch before weigh-in!

So, since I'm not having a breakfast this morning and haven't bothered packing a lunch (I also forgot my lunch bag at the office yesterday! DUH!)... I have time this morning to do an entry... but it's a quick one because I have nothing to report!

I found this site with all these blinkie things last night, so I've gone a little crazy adding them.. sorry if they're annoying. This phase WILL pass!

So, I don't know what weigh-in will be like today. If I'm lucky, I'll at least be the same. I've honestly only kicked my butt in gear since Monday to get back OP... I ate too much on the weekend.

BUT, the good news is, I have my groove back now... so even if I'm up this week I'm BACK in the ZONE and following my meal plans and not snacking extra... AND this weekend I get back on the treadmill!!!

I don't know if I'll be working at SickKids yet this weekend... the money would be GREAT, but the long weekend off wouldn't be bad either.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! YAY! Alex and I are going to dinner and going to see the movie "super bad". Then he's busy on Saturday with family coming in to town to visit.

Last night's dinner ended up being REALLY good! I thawed a chicken breast and then cooked it in the frying pan (the one from TARA!) with some chicken broth (I'm sure you could use tofu instead though)... then added some fresh green and red peppers and some red onion... some frozen broccoli and peas... some more chicken broth... and some frank's hot sauce for a kick. It was so good!!! The only points consumed were the chicken broth and the chicken breast! So I had a jello sugar free pudding for dessert... and as a snack later I had a bowl of raisin bran cereal (my milk expired yesterday, i HAD to finish it!).

Happy Thursday everyone! You'll hear my results tomorrow from how tonight goes (although i'm not terribly optimistic... and that's okay! I now know what I NEED to do and I know I can't use my prescription as an excuse!).

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