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Sunday, August 05, 2007

A new discovery

okay, maybe i'm utilizing too many tools at this point... but i've discovered a new one! if you sign up at (which is the american site... i already belong to too). you can do a survey and they will come up with a customized meal plan and activity plan for you week by week... they supply the recipes and a grocery list for you... and if you don't like a meal they'll give you alternative meal/recipe ideas with similar nutritional values.

i'm just so desperate to lose the rest of my weight right now... i ate way too much this weekend... likely because i'm feeling down over really not losing weight in the past year. sadly, i weigh more now than i did a year ago (don't even get me started on all the money i've wasted paying for WW for a year and not having results to show for it).

i'm back on track today... eating better... stayed under 1500 calories... ran and jogged and walked... tomorrow will be the same. i just have to go out with alex tomorrow... but the great thing about him is if he's here he lets me get on the treadmill and doesn't mind me running right beside him and looking all sweaty and gross... he is totally supportive of whatever i need to do.

tomorrow evening i leave for pontypool for the week and commute from there to work... mom and dad are going out east for the week and driving around... so i'm going home to keep kristen company. it's too much to stay up in that secluded house by herself for a week... so i'm happy to go there and stay with her if it helps keep her mind at ease as well as mom and dad's mind at ease so they can enjoy their vacation. my plan of attack at home is to use the elliptical of kristen's and maybe even the gazelle for a different workout. i could try jogging but it gets so hot and so lonely out in the woods and i start to freak myself out that i'll run into a fox or wolf or BEAR (yes, we do have bear in our forrest)... so the air conditioned house where the elliptical is will be good for me!

sorry if i'm complaining... i've just spent way too much time this weekend trying to figure out what i can do to lose weight AND stay on the pill... something i'm still going to talk to my doctor about. realistically i could get to my goal weight by christmas if i lose weight at the rate i was before i started the pill... so maybe i could go off it until the new year and then go back on it once i'm at goal... who the hell knows. alex doesn't want to see me mess with my hormones or body that way... but will support any decision i make. i'll just wait to talk to dr. trambitas before i make a decision. thank god i finally.. FINALLY found a doctor i like and who is friendly and who i feel i can talk to! she's great... and i'm lucky i got in with her when i did... she opened her practice and within 2 weeks wasn't accepting any patients anymore!

tonight's dinner was actually pretty good... i had a ww bagel and toasted it... took a tin of ocean's yellow fin tuna and added 1 tbsp ff miracle whip to it (and some black pepper)... divided it in half and put that on each half of the bagel and topped it up with a kraft fat free cheese slice then put it under the broiler for a couple of minutes. it was pretty good!

i have no idea what i'll eat tomorrow. wish me luck though!

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