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Friday, August 31, 2007

Dear Tara. I love you! (No Alex, I am not gay)

Thank you so much for your post! I'm glad I'm not the only one with issues (not that I really thought I was... but it's nice to know we can relate to each other and support each other!).

I was thinking today on the way home from work... I want to still be able to ENJOY food (and not eat boring low point stuff ALL the time)... but THEN I got to thinking... if I just don't eat as much of everything... maybe I will learn to enjoy those little bits even more! Does that make any sense? It does in my own head!

I did so well today... and I remembered doing well is a much better feeling than giving in to my weaknesses... I'd rather say NO to a piece of pie or cake and feel proud for a long time later... rather than say YES, eat the cake, enjoy it in the moment I'm tasting it... but then feel guilt-ridden for the hours following that.

So, today I would normally eat more and not count the points (confessions of a foodie here!)... and just figure I could pretend I'm using the flex points I didn't actually use the week before (yes, this is the logic that clouds my foggy brain). Today I ate as if I were weighing in tomorrow (that is the day I try the hardest)...

here's what I've had:

Breakfast - 2 pieces weight watchers WW toast (1), 2 slices Kraft FF cheese slices (1 - yep, you can actually have 2 slices for 1 point... just barely, but it is 1pt!)

Lunch - 1/2 ww pita (1), stuffed with: 1/4c chick peas(1), cucumber and tomato (0), 1 tbsp light feta (0), 2 tbsp Kraft FF ceasar salad dressing (1). Followed by a source yogurt, strawberry flavour (1).

Snack - granola bar, smores kind (2), SF red bull (0)

My BIG accomplishment of the day? It was some one's last day at the office at work today and we had this AMAZING chocolate cake... with millions of layers of custard and pudding and cake and stuff... and i said NO! I didn't even have a sliver of it... and I feel so good about it now!! and feeling proud at the time for not having any far surpassed the guilt i would feel for trying it... the kicker? I'm the one who BOUGHT the damn thing... I'm the one who picked out what i thought looked like the yummiest cake... and i still said NO. it's awesome.

Alex is working late... real estate closings are keeping him at work (or so he says!! haha!)... so my next challenge will be to NOT snack before he gets here... because (and here comes this blogs confession of a foodie #2) normally i snack and snack some more before he gets here and before we even go out to dinner... and somehow I pretend I didn't eat anything before he comes... today, I'm not going to do that. and because I'm already telling myself I'm not going to do it... i don't feel hungry!

I did make a discovery at A&P on the way home... I stopped to get egg beaters and stumbled across kozy shack. i have had the kozy shack sugar free tapioca before (it's only 1pt)... but now I see they have sugar free apple pie a la mode pudding AND black Forest cake pudding... only 1 pt each again! so, I did treat myself to those. whether or not I have one before we go to dinner i haven't decided... depends on if i get hungry I suppose... I'm not going to NOT allow myself to have something (after all, I don't want to starve and then eat too much at dinner)... but I'm not going to plan on having something.

Okay, time to go take out the garbage and wash the floors and keep busy until Alex comes home!

Tara - please feel free to comment as LONG as you want... you're the only one who reads this thing i think anyway (unless Alex thinks of it) and you're definitely the only one who comments anymore!!! LOVE YA!!!

UPDATE to add - It's now 6:33pm. Alex is on his way. I did NOT snack! I'm feeling so great about this... and honestly proud of myself. I recommend everyone say NO to their temptations (or vices... whatever you want to call them) and feel this proud feeling I am having! Mopping the floors really did keep my mind off food and I didn't feel hungry. QUESTION though. Does mop water ever appear clean? I've mopped the floor FIVE times this week and the water still looks dirty! Are my floors that dirty? Do I need to do something different? Or does mop water always look dirty? (It's not the mop, this one was new last weekend!).

Happy Friday everyone - do yourselves a favour and do something to make yourself feel proud. To quote the biggest loser theme "what have you done today to make you feel proud?".

1 comment:

Tara said...

You rock Ms. WW Superstar!! You are doing great...we all just have those times where we *think* we are being good and OP and it's just the cookie here and 200 crackers there that throws us off! Apparently like 8 swiss cheese crackers are 2 points....let me tell you, I come home from work and have a handful of 8 + another handful of 8 while making dinner and there's 4 points without even thinking...silly! Question : why do i buy these???
And then there's the times where John is playing his computer game and I go in the kitchen and sneak one of his wagon wheels that he has for his's not like he would care if I had one but I feel the need to sneak it. I even open it quietly and hide the wrapper...DUH!!
But you are so right, it feels much better to just say no and not have the guilt to deal with for the rest of the day. OR the "I already screwed up...might as well have 2 wagon wheels!"
Anyway, we all have our moments! But at least we are realizing that and correcting it! You did so well yesterday to not snack before dinner. That's one of my hard times. Mopping though would certainly get your mind off food! And I don't have and answer with regard to the mop water...what I don't understand is how I am not bald considering the amount of hair I get up off the floor on a daily basis!!!
ANYWAY...there's my marathon comment again! I'm here for ya, babe! And I check in here daily!
PS. let me know how the Kozy shack puddings are...I like the tapioca but i just bought the chocolate one 2 days ago and can't even eat it...weird taste to it...