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Monday, August 27, 2007

Big Brother!

I'm actually NOT referring to the TV show. I'm referring to work. There are a million and one internet restrictions in the office now... ones that really suck and are keeping me from facebook and msn... but the stupidest part is they're keeping me from blogging. i managed to keep up with my blogging recently from work... i'd keep the page open and in between calls i would keep working on a post!

well... those government copy cats aren't going to keep me down that easily! i have devised a new plan of attack. i will work on blog entries while at work and save them... then just come home and copy and paste it (i'll save it in a word document) into a new entry... ta da! that's right folks, i'm not just a pretty face after all!

so, after a week off and a week back at work but not bothering to track what i eat or go to weigh in... it's back to being a WW drill sargeant... i ate wayyyyyy too many flex points this weekend... but i did get on the treadmill tonight and only used a couple of flex points today (most of my flex were used due to being lazy yesterday and snacking all day).

so tomorrow (and from here on out) it's back to following menus (somewhat - i get ideas from there) and counting points... and back to the treadmill... and i'm aiming for at LEAST 5 days a week now.

tonight the treadmill sucked. shin splints again, but iced them right away and they're okay. i've realized i'm coming out of the gate too fast... i'm wanting to run fast right away in hopes up keeping up the pace. so, i'm going to take it easy... jog slow... get back into jogging routine and shape... and GRADUALLY increase my speed.... and NOT get down on myself for jogging too slow at this point. hey, as long as i get my heart rate up... it's okay i'm not going as fast as i'd like just yet.

also, my doctor's appointment is tuesday and i'll talk to her then about this issue with the lag in weight loss... i think my motivation is finally suffering after a whole YEAR of paying for weight watchers and not losing any weight.

time to try to get some sleep. my alarm is going off at 5:30 now rather than 6 in hopes of being able to spend more time on the treadmill in the mornings.

please wish me luck.

maybe i should pull an amber and start talking to god... i'm sure that will help.

god, if this is your plan for me - i accept it
i trust you god
god, i love you
please, god... help me to lose weight
god, i need to get to my goal weight
god, i love you
i don't understand your weight plan for me god
but, i am your mere follower and servant god, and i will do whatever you tell me
for, i have drank the kool aid.

i love you god, god bless you.

yes, perhaps making fun of amber (from big brother) is a little sacrilegious... but it's too damn funny!!!

goodnight, and god bless!

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