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Monday, August 27, 2007

Another day... almost another dollar

My intentions for today could not have been more wrong.

Let's start with my inability to fall asleep last night. I was so desperate to sleep that finally around 3:30am I drank warm milk (eew, right? This wasn't bad - I put splenda and cinamon in it). FINALLY I think I fell asleep around 4am. THEN my alarm went off at 5:30 for the treadmill. guess what. DIDN'T HAPPEN!! There was no way I was going to jog after less than 2 hrs of sleep. I slept until 7 and got ready for work. At work my intentions were to do a blog entry that I could just post once I got home. DIDN'T HAPPEN!! Work was too flippin busy! TWO suicidal kids in one day makes for one hell of an afternoon. The one poor boy has such high anxiety about going back to school that he had a rope aside to hang himself with... but he got scared and told his dad and together they burned the rope (luckily). but I still spent forever on the phone with him coming up with a safety plan, THEN talking to his mom to tell her how I'd like her to keep an eye on him.

I took about 30min away from my desk today to run out to Shoppers and buy melatonin. I'm so desperate to get to sleep at a desperate hour that I decided to try it. I've taken it already and I do feel tired, but that could be because i AM tired!!

THEN when I was driving home my intentions were to go on the treadmill this evening. DIDN'T HAPPEN. I was still so tired this evening that I fell fast asleep on the couch. By the time I woke up I felt like crap and haven't done anything since. I have come to recognize this day is a write-off for me given my horrible sleep last night.

ALSO when I got home there was a teacher I used to have at Humber, who helped me get hired there (but that didn't work out due to me taking the new full time job at intake). She has since left Humber and has started organizing training sessions for different agencies and she's bitten off more than she can chew and has asked me to start helping out! So I'll be running a parenting group at Hinks-Dellcrest downtown for 6 weeks starting late September likely (the details aren't ironed out yet)... so that's exciting! I was hoping to tell Alex before I post this... but I can't get that boy to answer his phone (and I hate leaving messages... he doesn't listen to them anyway! HAHA - BUSTED Mathews!).

I did really well with my eating today.

Breakfast - WW bagel with 1 tbsp light PB (4)
Lunch - broccoli and tomatoes with feta cheese and italian dressing (2), cherry source yogurt (1), all bran bar (2)
Snack - peach (1), cheesestring (1)
Dinner - 2 veggie burger patties (4), WW english muffin (1), cheese slice (1), No Sugar Added pudding (1), 2 peek frean lifestyle shortbread cookies (2)

I think I've eaten something else, but I forget what at this point!

Hopefully tomorrow more people will show up to work and will actually DO work and I'll get time to NOT do work and work on my blog!

Tomorrow is my doctor's appt after work... wish me luck... I'm going to discuss my options with the weight loss given I haven't lost in the past YEAR!!!

Happy Manic Monday.

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