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Monday, August 13, 2007

Case of the Mondays coupled with exhaustion

I don't know whether i'm coming or going these days.

the only thing consistent with my summer is there has been absolutely no consistency! i feel like i'm living out of my suitcase! now... don't feel bad for me... these are my own choices i've been making... sometimes it just catches up to me that i haven't slept in the same bed for more than a week all summer!

at least i've really just been going back and forth between my parents' house and here... i was in pontypool for a week in july, then back here for a few days, then back there for a few days... then back here for almost a week... then back there for a few days for simon's party... then back here... then back there for a few days for grandma's birthday... stayed there for half a week so mom and dad could to go michigan together... then back here for a week.. then back there for 5 days so mom and dad could go out east... now i'm back for a couple of days but i'm choosing to go to pontypool again for a few days while simon is there...

while i am happy to help out my parents... and they are very grateful for me helping out at home... and while i can't get enough of my nephew... part of me will enjoy when the fall comes back around and i am back to routine and stability... it will just be harder to get to see simon... although michele informs me she is taking up the offer for myself and uncle alex to babysit so her and jacob can go out for their anniversary... and i think she's even looking forward to it!

so i've been following meal plans somewhat from, it's just hard this week because i didn't bother to get in a lot of groceries when i know i'll be going to pontypool again for a few days... but after this weekend i have no plans for long term visits anywhere... and i will definitely get in all the groceries necessary to start following the meal plans... but i have been using the meal ideas from there this week!

i've been keeping track of my calories on and watching my calories eaten vs calories burned... that's helping.

and today while surfing the net at work (the limited internet we are left to be able to surf anymore) i came across another website... it's another site you can keep track of your foods eaten... now, i prefer and find it more user friendly, BUT has a bigger food database... so foods i can't find on i looked for on dailyplate and added them in fitday!

i'm tired... i need my bed...


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